Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Thursday, December 22, we drove to Plainview for the night to be with my folks.... We had a great time considering we were only there for about 15 hours.

Grammy and Cam

Cameron's first Madame Alexander baby doll from Grammy and Pop!

My new robe... We were about 3 cocktails in without dinner!!! ;)

My 91.5 year old Grandaddy Doug. My dad's dad. Still lives alone and doing great!

Friday morning, we got up and went to Hereford for lunch and to see Brian's real dad, stepmom, and paternal grandparents Bubber and Grandaddy.

With Poppy, Brian's dad

Then, we drove onto Friona that afternoon to be with Brian's family and stayed through Monday. We had a wonderful time, told old stories of when Brian and his brother, Trent, were little, ate like kings, and enjoyed every last minute of Cameron's first Christmas. She slept in a pack n play down in the basement and did beautifully! Such a good girl!!

Brian's 'cockit' which is what he called his blanky when he was a baby. Cockit....blanket.... Same thing, right?!?!?!!?! ;o) He accidentally set fire to it when he was like 3 (playing with matches... Oh sure!!!) and this was all Amy could salvage!

Laying on Daddy's quilt from when he was a baby

With her Slick... Brian's stepdad.

Friday night we were invited over to Amy's best friend's house for dinner but we took no pictures. :(. Delicious meal, Melissa and Becky!!!! Thank you!!!

Christmas Eve we went to Canyon to Amy's sister's house and had another delicious meal! Thanks Beth and Ronnie! Great seeing you guys, your children, and beautiful grandchildren!

The.Cutest.Boots.Ever from Amy's other sister, Susan

Brian's cousin, Sophie, holding Cameron! You would gave thought this girl were 20 years old!!! She's so good with babies!!!

The sisters....Susan on left, Amy (Brian's mom) in middle, and Beth on right.

Slick with his two girls... ;)

Christmas morning!!!

Nixie got toys from Santa too!! Thanks Uncle T and Aunt K!!!

Uncle T and Aunt K with the kids!

Granny! Slick's mom

4 generations with Brian and Trent missing.

Santa's helpers

Portable swing Doc Hale gave us that saved our lives!!! ;). Cameron loved it!!

Cameron's baby Toms!!!!

Amy, (Mamy) Brian's mom as a baby... Can you say twins?!?!? She is here in Dallas this week with us keeping Cameron while we work. Thank you SO MUCH, Mamy, for all your help! We love you!!

Miss Priss!

A New Family Ttradition.... Brian's homemade enchiladas, charro beans, guacamole, and salsa. Very good babe!!!

White Christmas in Friona!!!

We are all so blessed to have been together this holiday season and to have our health and happiness! May God bless us, and all of you, in 2012. It is because of Him that we are all here and may we be forever grateful.

Happy holidays, all~


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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Dr. Herring hard at work! He never makes the blog so I thought this might be a prime time to get my cute husband on here! His Office Manager sent me this picture today and the caption said, 'He actually worked today!' HAHA! Love you babe.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Pics coming soon....

I had 3 cameras going during the break so I'm trying to organize them all before posting. Stay tuned....

But until of our FAVORITE gifts were from my sweet first, ever, pair of Toms. Mommy and Cam can match! You can't really tell, but they are beaded! LOVE!!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

upside down and inside out...

Cameron goes to bed like this.....

And I find her like this the next morning. She does this almost every single night. HAHA! Silly girl. I had to take the bumper pads off because I got nervous. I am sure she would have been fine, but you just never know. And, we've gotten rid of all blankets! That kind of crib-partying can make for a pretty mean mess if I were to keep giving her props to play with. :)

May I also mention she's sleeping 8 hours straight every single night as well. I haven't posted about this very exciting news yet because I was afraid I might jinx it; however, I feel fairly certain this is a set pattern and will continue seeing how she's been doing it since she was about 9 weeks old and we go for her 16 week appt on Jan 9th!!!! YAY! he loves to sleep and loves her crib! Thank you Lord!