Monday, November 26, 2012

Kamran and Lauren, Thanksgiving, and the Tech/Baylor Game

Last Wednesday night, Brian and I had Kamran and Lauren Parajon over for burgers and we had a great time! They currently live very close to us, and while I'm very happy for them to get their own place with their own furniture, I'm very sad to see them leave the N Dallas area. They just signed a lease for a condo in the Oak Lawn area and will be living there by the end of December. Don't be strangers y'all!!! ;). Thanks for a fun night and here's to many more!!!

We went to Lora and Labry's for thanksgiving and Cam had an immediate liking to Brian's aunt, Beth. She knows a good Grandmommy when she sees one. ;) Beth has 13 grandkids and is a pro!!!

Some of Brian's cousins taking complete care of Cam. I didn't have to do much which was so nice! They are such a big help! Thank you Welty girls!!

Friday, Amy and Fred arrived to town around 1:30 and we went straight to Neiman's to have Cam's picture taken with the BEST Santa ever!!!! I took a pic of the pic but u get the idea. She didn't cry once!!! Actually, she was mesmerized!!! I thought this was so sweet.

Heather gave Cam these precious Toms for her birthday and they finally fit! So cute!!! I don't know that she'll wear any other shoes!! Cam thinks she's pretty special in these!

My in-laws brought Cam a 'See and Say' (remember those???) and she loved it! Old school toys are the absolute best!! Thanks Mamy and Slick!

Lovin' on her Slick. ;)

Saturday, B and I went to the Tech/Baylor game at Jerry World while Amy and Fred kept Cam, and although we didn't win we sure had a great time!!!

Handing out our leftover tailgate food to the passer-by's. Nothing went to waste! Ha! Morning drinks will create quite an appetite!

Brian's friend, James, had extra tickets to their friends' suite and it was awesome!!!!!!

U can't really see him but we were about 50 yards from RGIII the entire game and the kids in our suite got his autograph!!!! He's standing up in the green shirt. Black hair, obviously. ;).

Here is he walking. Right behind those cheerleaders in white

And again! Right in front of the yellow goal post.

We made the jumbotron!!! A friend of our's from Plainview, who was at the game, took this pic! Too funny!!! We had the best time and were so fortunate to have gotten an opportunity to sit in these lovely field level suites!! Thank you James and Kristy!!! So fun seeing y'all. Until next time...

Have a great week, all!!!


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Catch up

I haven't blogged in a while.... Time is just flying by! Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!! My gosh where does the time go?!?

A week or so ago Cam had a follow up ENT appt and all looks great with her ears thank goodness!!!!

After that appt we went to Lindsay Hales for a glass of wine and we hadn't been there 2 minutes and Cam falls into their coffee table! Scared Linds and I to death as it was bleeding but she was fine. We put ice on it and gave her some Tylenol and all was good! Luckily she has two boys who fell for a living too once they started walking so she was able to talk me off the ledge and assure me all was going to be ok. Ha! Below are pics of when it happened, the following morning, and a week later. It's almost fully healed.

The next night I had a 'Premier' Jewelry party and we had a blast! 8 of my friends came and I could kick myself for not taking pics!!! My friend, Kathy, who I haven't seen in ages came and it was so fun catching up with her. Thanks for coming girls!!!

Friday night, our friends Mike and Lindsay Hale stayed the night in the Adolphus Hotel downtown to celebrate their 9 year anniversary and we kept their boys for them over night. We had so much fun and those boys are so precious and have the best manners ever!!! Our neighborhood had a monthly Happy Hour at the Kessler's beautiful home and we took the boys and Cam to that. Sully and Brooks have a lot of friends that go to that so they had a blast! B took Cam home around 7:30 and I stayed until 8:45 with the boys so they could play. At one point in the night, Kim the hostess, asked Sully, the 6 year old, if he wanted any BBQ sauce for his chicken nuggets, and I kid you not, he said, "oh, Kim. You're so sweet. I would love some. Thank you very much." I mean, hello?!!!? Could u ask for a more polite and thankful child? I don't think so! Too cute! ;) We went home, they brushed their teeth, I read them a book, and never heard another peep out of them until the next morning. Such sweet boys! Happy 9 Years Mike and Lindsay. We'll keep your boys anytime!!!!

Here they are all playing in the garage.

Saturday night, Deb Deb kept Cam for us while we went out to Fairview to have dinner with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Chloe, and had a really nice time. They've redone their patio and it was so fun getting to see them and their lovely home. They have the coolest upside down tree that I want bad but she got it in Denver, and while they have them for sale here, they're very hard to find and pretty pricey so we might make our own one day. They are PERFECT for kids as u can tell from the below pic. Cool huh???

Thanks for a fun night, y'all, and the delicious dinner at your beautiful country club.

Sunday, Grammy came to town to stay with us for a few days. She was in Aledo first seeing my sis and her Fam, then came to see us. She also had a dental appt with 'yours truly.' ;).

I got Nixie a new collar and she thinks she's so special with her pink accessory. ;)

Cam is wondering why her sister has a bow and she doesn't! It's because she pulls them out!

Miss priss!

Tomorrow we were invited to have Thanksgiving lunch with Brian's cousins, Aunt, and Uncle. What a blessing to not only have Lora and Labry live close, but to also be included in their special day of thanks. We are looking forward to it!!!! Then, on Friday, Mamy and Slick are coming to visit for the weekend and Cam couldn't be more thrilled! She's been working on how to say their names for a while and we were lucky enough to catch it on video. Melt.My.Heart. Amy and Fred: truly, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank y'all for coming to see us in Dallas this year. Having to not travel with Cam
on back to back holidays will be so nice. Thank you, thank you.

YouTube Video

Happy thanksgiving from The Herrings!!!

Cheers and Love,

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Antibiotics, ear drops, and breathing treatments, oh my!!

That about sums up our lives around here but cam seems to have made a complete recovery and back to normal! Those breathing treatments work!!!

Have a great week, all


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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween, Susan G Komen 3 Day, and first road trip!!!!

Well, you win some & you lose some. Maybe next year little elephant...

We Spent Halloween night with The Hales' and had a great time. I introduced them to Mexican Stack up and they loved it!!

Sully as a Clone Trooper

Brooks as Indians Jones

My sis-n-law and her father stayed at our house last weekend to cheer on Ronda as she and her
Friends walked the Susan G Komen 3 day walk. Kelly took
Nix around the town with them and had a big time! Thanks for watching her, KB and Dave. We are so very proud of your sweet momma and thank God everyday for healing her. ;)

We had out first road trip in the car last weekend and it was... Interesting. I can't help it. I'm spoiled. I like to fly. Always have. Always will. (I hit a deer last time I made the drive from Dallas to LBB and it has literally scarred me for life. My car was totalled and so I had to hitch-hike. Can you say TRAUMATIZING?!?!?!?!?!). Well, unfortunately, Cam likes to fly also. Probably because she's flown no less that 10 times, starting at the ripe age of 8 weeks and is quite the expert now. So, needless to say the car ride wasn't all that fun but we made it! She has never liked TV but sure found Stuart Little interesting. Glued to the TV. Blinked maybe twice.

After the Tech game before heading to dinner at Harrigan's. Thanks for hosting us, Lindsay. Sure was fun seeing y'all and the Keatings. And, big thanks to Grammy and Pop for keeping Cam. Love y'all!!!

Out on the way home Sunday. But don't let her fool you, she slept a total of 1hour the entire time. Fun fun!

Have a good week and GO VOTE!!!!!


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