Friday, August 30, 2013

Well... It's official!!!

Cameron will no longer be an only child! That status expires next April! I'm sitting in the waiting room of my OB's office, waiting to see the doc, grinning from ear to ear! ;). I'm 8 weeks and 1 day along with projected due date of April 10, 2014! I just had a Sono and it's not the best photo but you get the idea. We are so blessed and thankful for this precious angel! We realize its still early so prayers are welcome.

On another note: it's game day and my husband is GEEKED up!!!! We are flying to Dallas this weekend for the holiday weekend and game and we couldn't be more excited!! We haven't been back to Big D since we moved in April!! Brian, Mike Hale, and Doc will be cheering on the Red Raiders as we tackle the SMU mustangs tonight in the 104 degree temps while Linds and I babysit the kiddos and visit with all my girls in the Hales' cold, refreshing pool. I cannot wait!!!!

See y'all soon!!


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

KB turns 30!!!!!!

My sister in law turned the big 3-0 last Tuesday, August 27th, so Trent surprised her with a family dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, The Kraft House Gastropub. Delicious food with great people. Thank you Dave, for treating us to dinner. So so nice of you!!! Happy birthday Kelly!!!! 30 was my absolute favorite birthday to date!!! Hope it was a good one for you as well!! Love you!!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Throw back pictures, drive-in, and a visit to Mamy and Slick's house

Ok so several of my Plainview friends put a whole bunch of old pictures up on FB for Throw
Back Thursday and although some are REALLY bad, I couldn't help but post them here so I have them forever. I have such fond memories of growing up in Plainview and made some lifelong friends!!! I will never ever forget where I was raised, the life lessons I learned from my basketball coach, and the incredible education I got from some remarkable teachers.

I think this was our 8th grade dance

Regan was hiding at my house one time and this was how I found her. She's hilarious!!!!


Choir Hall

My best girlfriends

Choir tour in San Diego

My house

Debs ball

We went to see 'We're the Millers' Friday night for date night and had such a good time. It looks rather gross but this was the best pickle ever! And we had darn near front row seats! Movie was hilarious!!!!!

We went to see Mamy after she got home from the hospital and Cam kept saying 'Mamy has an owie.'

Slick and Cam coloring

I painted Mamy's toes and Cam insisted I paint her's. In her almost 2 years of existence, she's never asked to have her toes painted but she did yesterday and I obliged ;). My baby girl is growing up!!!!!! It's kindof hard to see bc of the sun on her and Amy but it was a pretty sweet moment.

We went out to Slick's farm and I think Cam's life was changed forever. She rode the tractor with Daddy and screamed the whole time. It scared her pretty bad. She will say, 'I rode tractor with daddy and didn't like it.' Haha!

Then we went and saw the cows and boy did she get a kick out of that!!! Fred had 17 baby calves and they are so cute!!

Amy is doing really good, thanks for all your prayers.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Last Saturday Lindsay texted me saying she and her daughter, Ellis, were going to the kappa skit preview at 11 if we wanted to go.

Now, let me back up for a second and be a bit nostalgic: KKG was a big part of my college days and I will never ever forget the friendships I made during those 4 years. Please know I wasn't a HUGE participant, bleeding blue or anything, but I did care for my sorority and gave it my all when I could. In fact, I arranged our KKG reunion last September in Dallas. I met some pretty amazing girls and love that I'm still in touch with several of them. I was a Kappa Picker (singing group where we 'pick' our own parts) and we were the skit for one of the days during rush, which was one of the skits performed during the skit preview Lindsay and I went to see last weekend. I took Cam and she was mesmerized! It was so fun to see what the Pickers look like today. They have a cute little backdrop and everything. We weren't that fancy but they still perform all the same songs and looked and sounded great! ;)

I scanned in some photos from when I was a picker and bless my heart. Where was my mother when I needed her!?!?! Did she really let me wear my hair, makeup, and eyebrows like that?!?!? Good grief, my ugly phase came about 10 years late, I think!!! Haha!

I didn't have the money in college to highlight my hair so I was going for the 'natural look.'. Lets put it this way: NOT a good look! Yikes!!! I am sooooooo not a brunette! I will be that 93 year old woman still getting foil every 7 weeks. And, what's with the 'puffiness?!?' I look bloated!!! Again... Bless my heart. On a lighter note: this was taken when I lived with my sis and Ashley Flautt on 52nd and Boston. Man, I loved that darling little house!!

Kappa Mom's weekend. My mommy is so beautiful!!

I'm on the far right, top row.... The one with too much blush on!

The kappa lodge has also been remodeled since then and looks fabulous. I was and still am very proud to be a KKG. I hope Cam has the same memorable Greek experience I had at TTU. Lindsay, thank for the invite. So glad I went to that!!!!!

Also: my mother in law is home!!!!! She will probably have to go back to the Dr next thurs or Friday but at least she has a full week of peace and quiet and sleeping in her own bed. Thanks for all your prayers. Now we hope her recovery goes as planned and she heals nicely.


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pretty good news!!!

My mother in law had a scope done on her knee last night and the good news is the Dr doesn't things she's torn the knee replacement loose. Yay!! He went in and cleaned/flushed it out really good and was able to see that things look pretty good; however, all the swelling has really disturbed things in there basically causing her recovery to be longer. She's going to have to really take it easy and do absolutely NOTHING for the next several months. They are thinking she'll get to go home on Wednesday (tomorrow) if all goes well. Please continue to keep her on your prayers as she heals. This is the most crucial part of the entire surgery.


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Monday, August 19, 2013

Amy Update

Well folks: she's having surgery at 5 PM today. The Doc likes that she can lift her knee, but is still concerned about one side of it. He said he has worked with the same radiologist for 20 yrs and has lots of faith in his judgement. If it is torn, we will get a game plan for therapy until he can repair it. He is still hoping for the best though.

Continued prayers are appreciated!!!

Have a good week all,

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

34, 146, & 5

These are my numbers for the week.
34.). Thats how old I am after Wednesday. Wow and ouch all at the same time! I feel 21 but there's nothing 21 about 34 that's for sure! Oh well, here's to turning 21 over and over and over and over!
We had a nice little family gathering at the house. Justin, Ian, London, Trent, Kelly, and mom and dad. Mom brought her homemade potato salad, baked beans, and my favorite, German Chocolate cake. Oh my word.. Dee-lish!!!! Brian grilled out burgers and we had a great time but we were missing three people: my sis, Mamy, and Slick. Mel worked nights this week and M&S are in Dallas. We thought about you guys and believe me, I ate enough for all three of you! Fun night!
Cameron bought me these precious black sandals!

Kelly and Trent got me this darling pillow

Mom and dad got me a massage to this fabulous new spa in Lubbock, thanks to Lindsay's referral ;)! Super stoked about this!! Deb, thank you for my massage at renaissance as well! Can't wait to meet Paul ;)

The Jones Clan got me a new iPod nano with a case and I couldn't be happier because I lost my other one and have missed it! Back to working out I go! Ha, yea right. Maybe this will motivate me a little more though ;)

I had a Cabi party at my house last Thursday night for my friend Regan and she brought me this cute little pig. I used to collect pigs a looong time ago. Thank you Regan! I love it!!

My in-laws sent me a sweet card with money inside and I can't wait to spend it.
I had a fabulous birthday thanks to my wonderful family and friends!

YouTube Video

146.) this is our parking spot number on the West Side of Jones Stadium! Very excited!!!

Our view of the stadium from our spot...Can't complain about that! Less than 2 weeks until football season!!!!!!

5.). This is the size diapers my baby girl is in now. :(. I'm so sad about this. She's such a little lady now and I can't even get over where the time has gone.

Please continue to keep my mother in law in your prayers... She's doing better but not 100% just yet. Thanks all....
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Amy update

Well, she's in a holding pattern. She's at Baylor Frisco, her feet are suspended 24-30
inches up in the air, and she said it isn't very comfortable! ;). She does have a sense of humor about all this as she texted the below pic saying she was glad she got her toes done before all this. ;) They are hopeful that the joint is intact but won't know for several days due to all the blood in there. She has to stay in bed except for bathroom today and tomorrow. She may get to walk in the hall on Sunday. Maybe a scope on Monday to look at inside of knee. Lots of IV antibiotics. Thanks for all your Prayers... Keep 'em coming..

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Update on my Mother-In-Law... Please keep praying!!!

She got to Dallas this morning at 8:30, had a bunch of lab and test work done, then saw the ORS at 3 today. Her recent text to us said:

I am going to hospital to start IV antibiotics. I have had a bleed into my knee which makes it impossible to see what is wrong with it. On Monday, may have a scope to check it out but wants plenty of meds beforehand. He does not want to disturb the tissue because of infection risk. Still at dr, waiting on paperwork. I will call after I get admitted and explain more.

Will keep you updated...


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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Prayers please....

My mother-in-law had knee replacement surgery in Dallas back on August 5th and is having some major complications. :(. So bad she has to fly to Dallas tomorrow to see the Dr. Please pray she and her sister have a safe flight and that there is nothing wrong!!!!!

Its in His name that we pray,

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Camp Daddy

Cam attended this all weekend and had a blast!!! Not to mention, she was an absolute angel, according to her daddy. Of course she was... Mommy wasn't around ;). He took her for donuts Sat morning then miles' bday party after that. Sunday morning he introduced her to ihop and she had 5 pancakes and some bacon. Good grief child!!!! ;). Like mommy and daddy our girl likes to eat!

My sis, niece, and I drove to Aledo Friday evening to spend the night with one of my sisters good friends, Tiffini Arrington. We stopped here for the night on our way to Ft. Worth for a wedding. Thank you for the hospitality, Tiffi. Loved seeing you and your kiddos!!! And, your home is beautiful!!!!

Our next door neighbors growing up have three daughters and their youngest, Emily, got married last Saturday at TCU Chapel then had the reception at The Worthington Hotel. It was a beautiful wedding and I know David and Ruth are glad it's all over as their other two daughters were married this past year as well. ;). Whew! Makes me sad and tired for them but I know they are so proud of their girls and happy to see them marry their best friends. ;). Thanks for including us in your special day, Emily.

The groom is an OSU Cowboy and sure did have Pistol grace us with his presence at the reception!

We stayed the night with mom and dad in their hotel room so we didnt have to drive back to Aledo and had a ball! I don't know the last time the 4 of us shared a hotel room. ;). It's the little things like this that make my heart smile. Thanks for a fun night mom and dad!!!

We got home Sunday afternoon and when Cam and I went to go swim at my sisters' I look back and she's got 2 pairs of sunglasses on. She makes me laugh!

Hope everyone has a good week!


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Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Slate is home!!!!

This Miracle Baby went from this:

To this!!! In only... Wait for it.....

47 days in the NICU!!!!! God is so Good!!!!!

We love you precious angel and can't wait to squeeze you!!!

Have a great weekend all!!!


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Monday, August 5, 2013

I can't blog about our weekend without mentioning my amazing friends...

So, last weekend Cam and I were to go to Dallas for a girls only weekend but strep throat decided to interfere and keep us from going :(. My baby does come first and I was happy to stay home and nurse her back to health but what my girls were doing behind the scenes back in Dallas pretty much takes the cake. From what I know, Kayla, Debra, and Bridget planned, several months ago, a surprise birthday party for me and after several attempts, last weekend was the weekend all was to go down. They had all sorts of fun things planned, including arranging child care for Cameron on Friday night with Debi Molina, Cameron's In-home daycare while we lived in Dallas, so us girls could have a night out, to arranging for Craig to watch Cam after she went to bed Saturday night should we want to go out to dinner... I mean, how lucky am I to have friends who love me so much?!???!?? Unbelievable!!!! Kayla told me that along with she, Bridge, and Deb, Lindsay, Megan, Vail, Kayla, Donna, & Courtney were going to make an appearance at some point during the weekend and I can't tell y'all how much that means to me! There may have even been more, thats just all I can remember. Thank y'all so much for preparing so thoughtfully and trying to surprise me. Y'all have absolutely no idea how much I love each and every one of you. Not to mention MISS so unbelievably bad. Humbled doesn't even come close to describing my feelings right now...

Here's to more birthdays and memories with my girls when the plan actually comes to fruition and noone gets sick!

Love you all!!!!!

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Where do I even start????

We have had so much going on, I don't even know where to start!! How about some good news first? Kayla got Cam this princess water ball last time she was in town and lets just say it was a HUGE hit!!!!! Thanks for the hours of entertainment last Wednesday evening, K!!!

Now for the bad news: :(. I went to check on Cam Wed night around 10 PM before I headed to bed and she was sitting up in her bed which never happens! She reached up for me and when I went to grab her out of her crib she was RADIATING heat like the sun!!!! I immediately took her temperature and you know it's bad when it jumps from 99 to 102 in a mili-second!!!!! She had 103.8!!!!!!!!!! I call Nurse Nancy, my sis, to see what to do and she said Motrin, obviously, but to also cover her in cold wet towels. Brian held her in his lap in the chair and they watched 'Dogs' for an hour and a half. At midnight we checked her temp again and it was 103.1. We put her back to bed and I went and checked on her again at 4:30. 102.9. Gave her more Motrin, held her for 45 min, and this time she wanted 'Puppies.' We snuggled and then she slept until 7:30. When I took her temp then it was 99.5, thank goodness, but I still took her to the Dr. for piece of mind at 8. Speaking of Doctors: I absolutely ADORE our's!!! Derek Skinner, MD at Covenant Health Plus id an FP and the real deal. He's amazing!!! To heck with Pediatricians, he kicks every PED I've seen to the curb!!!! He had three boys of his own and you can totally tell! Love love love him! B and I will go to him also and it sure helps that it's only about 30 seconds from our house! He has his private practice office hours on one side of the building but also has walk-in-clinic hours on the other side of the building so its a win-win!

She was feeling so much better, obviously, from the below pic. This was taken in the waiting room. It's amazing how bad fever can make you feel! Don't you worry that she wore those glasses and carried her purse the entire time. Not even kidding. She's such a mess, but don't let her fool you. She HATES the Doctor. She does not like to be messed with, looked at, touched, examined... NOTHING!! I always feel for the doctors bc they are so patient and she's so awful but what do ya do??? He took one look in her throat after seeing that her ears were clear and that was it! Super red and inflamed. He didn't want to swab her throat just bc she was being so uncooperative so he just called her in some Zithromax and sent us on our way, but not without spoiling her with Hello Kitty stickers and coloring books. I just love him. His nurses didn't give her all that...HE did. That just says so much about his passion for patient care and providing for the sick.

Once we left there we headed home to get my laptop then we went to Plainview so mom could watch her while I worked. They have been remodeling the last 3 months adding on a bathroom and closet to their master bedroom and its fabulous!!!!!! So jealous of all your space and that closet mom!!!! Now they are redoing the other bathroom so I can't wait to see it all finished either!

That Z-pack must have really started working bc if Cam asked to go swimming once she asked 1000 times so we loaded up Saturday after her nap and met Lindsay and Miles up at the club. We just joined the LBB Country Club a few weeks ago and this was our first time swimming. Cam loved it as did Miles!!!! He was jumping off the diving board and going down the slide and everything. Such a big boy!!! Cam pretty much just hung out in the baby pool but that was just fine with me! She's safe and out of harm in there. ;)

Sunday morning Cam and I went swimming at my sisters and there is just nothing sweeter than cousin love. ;)

We ended up having a fun weekend but Cam was sure sick and aaaalllll about her mommy!!!! I literally fell into bed every night this past weekend bc I was so tired! I wouldnt trade all her sweet neediness for the world but man it's exhausting!!! So glad she's well and was ready to see 'the kids' this morning!!!

Have a good week, all!!


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