Monday, September 28, 2015

Concerts, Cadillacs, Company, and College Football

Jason Aldean, you were fantastic!!

Cole Swindell!!!

Jason, Cole, and Tyler Farr

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Friday night Brian, Debra, and I attended the Alderson Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus Annual Tailgate party and it was no joke. Wow!! They blocked off all four dealerships and themed them 40's & 50's, 60's & 70's, 80's & 90's, and 2000's and beyond. They had tables set up, live music, food, and drinks galore!! They had sushi chefs lined up making fresh sushi, food trucks, live bands, ice sculptures, Crown Royal/Tito's/Johnny Walker.... It was awesome!!!!!!

Team Hale and Peltoma got into town Friday night after we got home from the Alderson party and we had a nice relaxing night on the patio after we put kids to bed. We had a heartbreaking game against TCU on Saturday but I will always be a Red Raider and a proud one at that. They played hard and I hope hanging with the #3 team in the nation gave them some well-deserved confidence!!

I took one photo all weekend and stole the others from Kayla and Hale. Shame on me!!!

These four kiddos had the best weekend together!!


Such a fun weekend and let's kick some Baylor Bear A** this weekend!!!!!


Friday, September 25, 2015


Once again, you did not disappoint and while I'm ALWAYS ready to come home after a solid weekend in your neighborhood, I have to say this time I wasn't ready to come home. Steve was extremely good to us and I'm sad it's over :( :( :(. Bill and Mer, you guys can come to Vegas with us anytime, you two are a blast! Oh wait, y'all asked us. Ha! Thanks for your invite Team Coursey, we're waiting on the edge of our seats for the next invite. I'd go next week. Seriously. Darn you Vegas, why mush I have this obsession with you?????

Aaaannnd.....Everybody wins!!!!

Dinner at Stack in the Mirage. Those are big black rocks that are scalding hot and you cook that raw meat over there on them. OMG, ridiculous.

Beatles LOVE!!! So so good, even the second time. I'd go again!

Nobu you make me happy

Until next time....

Really quick, I have to blog about Cameron's weekend in Friona on HOMECOMING weekend. They were B-U-S-Y. She went to work with Mamy on Friday, the football game that night, the parade the next morning....Such fun, Mamy and Slick. She's still talking about the 'peppa' rally, the queen and her tiara, roses, flags, and candy. Thanks for helping us out. And, thanks mommy for keeping Tess. You need to start taking more pictures!! ;)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FOUR part 3

I meant to add some birthday girl stats in my last post....

She's 41 lbs and wait for it............

44 INCHES!!!! that's almost 4 ft tall. Holy moly!!!!! Lindsay bought her these PJ's for her birthday and they're size 6!!!! She's in the 99% percentile for her height and 86% percentile for her weight.

Ok I'm done with FOUR posts! ;)


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

FOUR, part TWO

Cameron's 4 year well check was yesterday and she did great. I knew shots would be involved and chose not to tell her until right when it was that time.

She jerked really big and cried really hard but was just fine in 20 seconds. Bless her, big ole elephant tears but was surprisingly a really big girl seeing how she can be quite the wimp.

She didn't do very well on her vision test but they're not concerned. They said she could still be a little young and will just retest her at 5. She knew 90% of the letters and objects, there were just a few she struggled with but I think it was because she was tired and sick of covering her eye with the other hand.

She only got 3 shots, two were combined vaccines and the third was the flu shot. Her little legs were pretty swollen yesterday but they're much better today. But, don't you worry that she was walking around all afternoon and evening yesterday like this. And I'm not exaggerating. I think they really hurt her but she's so dang dramatic. Haha!!!!

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We had a 'photography princess session' while waiting for the doc yesterday. I cannot help it, she's beautiful. And she's mine. How can this be?!?!?

Speaking of FOUR, this little toot wishes she were four too. She absolutely adores her sister and wants to do EVERYTHING she does. It's precious. It's really is. But it can be annoying at times too because she cannot play with scissors, or markers, or operate an iPad, or ride a bike, or put her own shoes on. But she wants to sooooo badly. In due time sweetie, in due time.

That would be Cameron's back pack. And it's twice her size.

That would be Cameron's apron.

Cannot ever have too many purses. This would be T wishing she were her mommy this time.

Brian and I thank Him everyday for our two little spider monkeys. We simply cannot imagine life without them. They make us laugh everyday and laughter is 'my thing.' It cures everything.

And one last FOUR picture for you....

I was in Dallas for about 30 hours last week for training and met up with these beauties for a sushi dinner for 4.

Love my girls and Blue Fish sushi. Yummmmm!!!!!!!