Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vegas, Scottsdale, and the sass has set sail

So, Brian and some dental friends in LBB attended a really good CE out in Scottsdale last year and decided to do it again. BUT, my husband had the bright idea of stopping in Vegas for a quick 23 hours prior to heading on to Scottsdale for 3 days. Genius idea if I do say so myself. So, that's what we did. And it was fantastic! Glee Britt. You are an absolute angel. She's the office manager at West TX Oral Facial Surgery and arranged EVERYTHING for us. I mean, everything. From transportation to dinner reservations to tips to where happy hour was going to be... She is truly amazing!!!! Love you Glee!

Ashley Higley. She's Ryan Higley's wife, who's one of the surgeons at WTOFS. Love this girl!!! We hung out for 4 days and I still wasn't ready to say goodbye :(

Limos in Vegas are just the best. Especially, when there's bubbly.

I asked Ryan to take our photo and he did this first. Lovely

We flew in just in time for dinner at the fabulous Joe's Stone Crab at Caesars Forum shops and that place is legit. Oh my goodness. Best stone crab ever!!!! And the best waiter ever!!! He wasn't 'Joe' but was dang close and took great care of us. His name was John. And so precious.

Kelly Robinson, a general dentist in LBB, came as well, with her husband Wesley, and we just had a ball!! Loved getting to know her

A little R&R by the Wynn pool the next morning before flying on to Scottsdale that evening.

Airport drinks. Let the fun continue. This trip had several purposes: Brian learned some great dental stuff and got CE credits, Mother's Day, and our 6th wedding anniversary. We hadn't been on a vacation, without kids, since last September, so we were in heaven. Thanks to my mom and in laws for holding down the fort and keeping our babies for us. Which ..... Their time in LBB entailed shenanigans like this....

YouTube Video

See ya next time Viva.

Our first morning in Scottsdale, Ashley asked if I would be interested in hiking and I said sure! Wasn't aware it would be 'extremely difficult.' This, my friends, is Camelback Mountain. And, we hiked to the top of it.

Off we go! And it was amazing. Probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. Hands down. Thanks for taking me out of my comfort zone Ash. Took us an hour to get up, and an hour to get down. And.... I mean-Carrie Underwood hikes this mountain. Bring it on!!!

I zoomed in on this property to try and do it justice but didn't help. Gorgeous resort of some kind

We made it!!! To the top!!! Hallelujah!!!

Check this out!!!

We took an easier route down but still pretty intense. See that peak-like ravine there? We walked along that to get to the easier route down and it was super scary!!!

Waiting for Uber. I was D-O-N-E. But felt great!!! Loved every minute!!

Then, to Breakfast Club on Scottsdale for some post-hike grub and it did NOT disappoint.

Fresh squeezed mimosas. Yes please. Off the hook. Then back to the Westin Kierland, where we were staying, to veg and relax by the pool.

The next day we went and had lunch at this cute little place called Postino and had some of the best rose wine ever.

That night we had dinner at Citizen Public House and it was awesome!! The below pic is fabulous of everyone.... Except me. Which I cropped. Because I was trying to be cute, or dumb, and it looked terrible. Anyway, on the left is Clint Barrett, Ryan's business partner at WTOFS, and his girlfriend Susan. Then, Ryan and Ashley Higley. Then Kelly and her husband Wesley. Such a fun group!!!

Theennn.... We come home to this hot mess who is DEFINITELY two. My my. We are soooo in trouble. Sass. On a whole new level. The video she's laughing at the bar is hysterical. She dropped her marker earlier and got so tickled. Then I got tickled. And she just couldn't quit laughing at herself. I was dying!!!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

I cannot believe it's May 26th. Where did Spring go??? We are off to Dallas this weekend to see our friends the Hale's, Peltomas, and Hughes.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My FIFTH Mother's Day!!

I cannot believe it!! How have I been a mom for 5 years??? I cannot possibly fathom, or remember b/c I'm sleep deprived and exhausted, what all I did with my time prior to these little angels. It's so crazy to think about.

We had a wonderful weekend with my in-laws and parents. Seeing BOTH in the same weekend is such a blessing. That never happened living in Dallas!

We went to my brother and sister in laws house for lunch Saturday and the girls just played and played in their backyard. Trent and Kelly, thanks for the warm hospitality!!

Trinity creates the most amazing little treats on holidays. Cam made me a potholder,

Cheers to being a mom. It's, hands down, by far, the absolute greatest gift I could have ever received.