Thursday, August 25, 2016

Simon Says...

This game is our jam

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And Tess really IS a monster!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

More wedding fun and the big 3-7!!!

Our dear friend Amy Daws married her best friend last weekend and it was probably one of the best weddings I've ever been to! Great food, music, and friends!!!!!!

I'm so mad!! For some reason it won't let me upload any photos. I'll troubleshoot and keep trying

And... I'm another year older. The big 27.

Man, don't I wish?!???! I had to pull a calculator out to see what my new age was going to be last Sunday. Sad. Birthdays really are quite anti-climactic these days but it's sure fun to celebrate and hear from so many friends and family.



August 8-11, several of us from Officewise went to NYC for HON Product training at their lovely showroom in 5th Avenue and had a great time. I had forgotten how beautiful this city is.

Me, Andrea Wade our furniture and design manager in LBB, Cheryl Stephens a designer in LBB, Teresa Greer who's in furniture sales, Kristin Parton whoa in furniture sales for our AMA office, and Cathryn Dail a designer for us in AMA. Fabulous group of ladies!! One of Officewise's owners, Tommy Sansom, also went with us. We didn't have much time to see the sights but did learn a lot and ate some really good food! Thanks for allowing us this opportunity Tommy!!


Wedding Fun!!!!

Once again... I'm behind. Ugh!! I will get caught up. I will, I will!!

Senee Foster, our OM and dental hygienist, in Plainview, got married in early August and it was quite the wedding! The planning and creativity behind this wedding was unlike anything I've ever seen. And there were probably 450 people there. Most DEFINITELY, the largest wedding I've ever been to. She got married at the Baptist church in Lockney then the reception was at her parents' farm. We took the girls and had a fun fun time and Senee was gorgeous!!!!! The girls would have danced all night long but they hit a wall and it was time to to but we were so happy to have been invited and able to go.

Roxann, one of our dental assistants.

Willie and her new fella, Don :)

The beautiful bride!!!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Dos Gallos at PK

My, My, My.... What a wonderful weekend with my girlfriends. Last Friday, 9 of us loaded up into two cars and headed West to Possum Kingdom Lake to celebrate Amy getting married in a few weeks.

It was Epic. We planned this back in February people. It took forever to get here!! When you're planning around 9 busy women's crazy schedules, a 5 month lead time is more than necessary.

Brandi, Ralna, Heather, and I took Ralna's Tahoe and then Lindsay Cooper, Lindsey Dayhoff, Amy, Katie, and Deb took Katy's suburban.

We all arrived within hours of each other and couldn't wait to get the party started!!!

Deer EVERYWHERE around this place!!!! So Beautiful!! Lindsay Cooper's business partner, Suzanne Blake, is good friends with Denise Pope, who is married to Dan Pope, the future mayor of LBB! They recently decided to rent their lake home at PK out and allowed us to be their first guests.

Denise is an interior decorator and screams talent. On all levels. My word, she's good!!!!

The main house had a huge living room, breakfast nook, sitting area off the kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 2 screened in porches with a huge deck.

These are vintage swimsuits framed all through the house. So clever and perfect for a lake house.

One of the guest bedrooms. Instead of using drapes or blinds, she chose photos for shade. Genius.

Guest bedroom

Guest hall bath

Master with full bath

The bunk house. No clue why I only took this one photo!?!? But I was infatuated with this precious slanted-ceiling little bathroom. It was darling and slept a ton of people!!! 6 sets of bunk beds and a king bed. This was the second floor. The bottom floor had an office, ping pong table, couch/chairs, and flat screen for gaming or movies.

I mean, really?!?! 34-week-Prego-BEAUTY!!!!!!!! She was an angel. Took care of us, drove us around, drove the boat, made sure dinner got prepared... We told her we were going to buy her a lifetime supply of diapers for taking such good care of us. :)

Right off our dock

Lots of laughs and calorie consumption around this table

Back at the ranch a few days before we left, The Girls were doing this with their Slick. Notice Tess's jewelry 'get-up'. My heavens, she's a character

Husband/Daddy of the year. B tool Cam to see 'Into the Woods' at the Moonlight Musicals outdoor amphitheater Saturday morning and she loved it!!!

I miss this view..... :(

I YOLO boarded and was quite impressed with myself. That sport is no joke. I was sore for three days

All loaded up for a fun-filled day out on the lake at Hell's Gate. Katie, thank God you got the new 'burb in time!!!

But alas.... All good things must come to an end. We had the best time and are so thankful the Pope's shared their lake home with us. We see many more memories there in our future