Monday, September 30, 2013

ADA, Mamy & Slick, and Church!!

My sister's almost 9 yo son, Ian, has a little friend on his baseball team who's sister has diabetes. Her name is Caisey and she's 11. We walked in the ADA Saturday morning for Diabetes and Caisey spoke at this function with thousands of people! She's one of ADA's big sponsors for this year as her team raised $16,000!!!!
She's so precious and is pretty good health. I'm so glad we walked in this. My Uncle Bill has diabetes. He was diagnosed when he was 6 or 8, can't remember, and was not given long at all to live. Now he's 67!!!

We went to the spoon afterwards for the team lunch and my daughter was being a major ham! Why can't she smile like this for professional photo shoots?!? ;)

She is in LOVE with this baby talk mag I got from my OB. I'm talking, she takes it everywhere and reads Guess she's learning how to be a big sister.

Mamy and slick came to see us Saturday evening for dinner and here's her knee as of lately. Sorry if you're a bit squeamish but I know several of you are aware of what's been going on with her so wanted to briefly update everyone. She's had three surgeries so far and we are hoping she's good now. It's not that aesthetically pleasing but at this point, and after all that she's been through, we just hope she walks again! She only wears a big knee brace and can bend it 26 degrees with this machine, but other than that she's just taking it easy and enjoying her 'vacation.' Hang in there Mamy and take it easy. I think it looks 1000 times better and just know you will be walking in no time. Glad y'all came to see us, too!! Fun day!!

Sunday morning we visited Lakeridge UMC and really enjoyed it. My sis and her kids joined us and that's quite a church. Very pretty and BIG!!! Cameron went to the nursery and did great! We want to also visit the downtown FUMC, so that will be next weekend.

Have a good week, all-
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Babies, babies, and more babies!!!!

I find it absolutely crazy that I have 7 friends having babies all between the months of November and May 2014!!! Wow, WOW!!! How good is our God!?!?!?!?? So many little miracles cooking as I type! ;). I'll list them out as every single one could use prayers....

Kim Ricks--boy--due Nov 2
Vail Tolbert--boy--due Dec 16
Andrea McGowan--twin girls!!!--due Christmas Eve
Jennifer Millar--boy--due Feb 7
Tami Keating--boy--due Mar 21
Ralna Bailey--unsure--due Mar 26
Me--unsure--due April 10
Donna Bailey--unsure--due May 8

I'm simply elated for all of my girls and cannot wait to meet their new bundles!!! These will be 2nd children for everyone except Drea.

Have a fabulous weekend, all-


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

12 Weeks!!!

I never thought the day would come!! I am so thankful to be pregnant and cannot wait to have a second baby/sibling for Cameron, but good grief this has been the longest 8 weeks of my life!!! ;) I found out we were expecting at 4 weeks, which is very different from the first time. With Cameron, I didn't know what to expect, what pregnancy felt like, signs to look for, etc bc we weren't really trying THAT hard so I didn't even know I was prego until 9 weeks! Plus, I've felt great the whole time so I havent really felt pregnant other than than the 'usual' signs, of which, if you've had a baby before, you know!!! Haha! And, honestly, T1 is a little unnerving bc anything can happen in those 12 weeks, and many knew about this super early on, so to say I'm thrilled to be out of T1 is an understatement!!!! Praise God for taking care of me and Little Red 2 these last 12 weeks. Here's to T2!!!! I go to the Dr next Wednesday for another sono and will be 13 weeks so we're looking FW to that. Here's a pic of me prego at 12 with Cam and LR2. ;). #2 sure is bigger! Oops!!!

Here's another of Cam touching LR2. She's not real sure what's going on quite yet except for the mere fact that Mommy's tummy and 'bodies' (her term for breasts) are getting BIG!!!! She's fascinated with my bodies. Lol!!!!!!
Happy Thursday all!!!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bri Bri hard at work!!!!

My sis and her kids all got their teeth cleaned this week and London thought the whole experience was pretty cool. Mel sent me these pics ;)


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

South Plains Fair and Mommy's Shoes

Last night we met Lindsay and her kids at the fair, very spontaneously, and had a ball! Neither of us wanted to cook so off we went. I'd never been to this fair and although its not the state fair in Big D, I was still pretty impressed. Incredible corn dogs and funnel cakes!!!!! Miles wanted to ride 'the big circle ride' so we watched Ellis while they went up on the ferris wheel and Miles loved it! Lindsay not so much. She's like me... NOT into fair rides at all!!! Then Miles wanted to ride the 'tractor ride' so Cam thought she'd join him. I figured she wouldn't like it but we let her go anyway. This is how it all went down.........bless her, she was not a happy camper.

YouTube Video

After we got home and took a bath she let us know how she really felt about the ride. Mind the cantaloupe dribble on her jammies. Believe it or not she didn't want anything to do with the fair food. Corn dog only. We offered her fried pickles, a peach fried pie, funnel cakes, and chocolate covered cheesecake with nuts and nada. She was NOT having it. She's definitely her Mommy's daughter. Not a sweet lover unless pregnant, which she isn't so makes perfect sense. Ha!!! Brian and I were rolling at this video.

YouTube Video

This morning, and every morning, like clock work, she puts my running shoes on. Socks and all. Today she felt like a little leisure coloring while wearing Mommy's shoes. She makes us laugh. Hard. Every single day. What a joy and blessing she is. Piece of work and all!!!


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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicago and Fall's here folks!!!!!

Last week my boss and our VP of Clinical Operations attended the GAPNA Convention in Chicago and managed to get a little sightseeing in! We took the architectural boat tour and enjoyed every second of it!!! What a great city!!! I will definitely be going back once I have this baby!!!! We dined on Lou Malnati's untouchable Chicago style deep dish pizza, The famous Emilio's tapas, and Ay Chiwowa's delicious Mexican Food. We picked well when it came to restaurants and my waste band shows it! This baby ate goooood last week! ;). Here ate some pics from the tour. That Sears Tower is something else and even more crazy that my mom worked on the 52nd story of that building!!

Those are cars parked down there on the lower levels!!

Pretty cool condos along the river. Far from affordable. ;)

Sears tower-breathtaking

I got home Friday night late and Brian was in Wichita Falls all weekend for a golf tourney so Cam and I had a fun girls-only weekend. We played dress up, painted our toes, and ate out ;). we missed daddy but sure loved our one-on-one time.

Brian left Thursday afternoon so Trent and Kelly helped us out with Cam and they had a big time! Z-dawg accompanying Cam on the way to school ;)

Kelly would make my days with texts/pics like these assuring our baby girl was taken care of. Thanks T&K for your help!!!! We love y'all!!!!

We had a great time in Chicago but I was exhausted!!! I'm hoping to have a little more energy in trimester 2!!!
Have a good week all-
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Monday, September 16, 2013

4:30 AM

Yes folks, this is what time our lovely daughter woke up 2 days in a row last weekend. Not 5:30 which is still waaaayy too early but a hell of a lot better than 4:30..., or even 6 AM which would have been blissful. Nope..4:30!!!!!
She happened to be at my moms the first time she thought this would be a good idea or you may have had to check me into the looney bin had she pulled this on me two nights in a row!!!! She stayed with my parents Thursday night for the TCU game then we drove to Dallas Friday after work for a wedding. We stayed at a La Quinta down by Sunnyvale, where the wedding was, and at 4:30 AM Saturday morning our child was ready to party. I mean, P-A-R-T-Y! In a 486 square foot hotel room. Shoot me now!!!! She woke up screaming too, not even pleasantly, so you know our neighbors were thrilled. So, what do two exhausted parents do with such an early-riser at 4:30? Put her in bed with us. Yep, that'll do it. Genius idea Lin. She'll go right back to sleep. Who am I fooling??? I am no parent expert but I do know, by now, that no child in their parents' bed is a good idea. Ever. My apologies in advance for those of you who allow your children in bed with you, but that is one thing B and I will never allow. I think we were so tired we didn't care, but again: it didn't work. Shocker! She was up and down, talking, sitting up and then down again, head on pillow, head off of pillow, covers over her head, covers off her head, .....then she tooted and that was it for me! I'd had it!!!!! Up we went! Into the 'living room' of the hotel room for a little cartoon action bc toddlers like cartoons right??? Nope, not my kid. She wanted goldfish and fruit snacks. So, goldfish and fruit snacks it was! Parents of the year right here! B told me to go back to bed, that he had things under control, so I did for about 30 minutes and that helped sooo much! Now guess what time it was?? 6 AM! The continental breakfast downstairs wasn't even open yet!!!!! Geez, what to do now?!? Starbucks is it!!! I do know they open at 530 so we're safe with that option and at least mom and dad can get some fuel!! In the elevator on our way down to the car. This kid.....

After Starbucks we decide to drive around downtown Dallas since we haven't done that in a while and OH! What do we have here!?!?!? A sleeping child! This kid... It JUST got daylight as she fell back asleep. Brian and I are now stopping BACK thru Starbucks bc we know we are gonna have to drive around a while so she will sleep. Brian gets his second Venti and nearly had a minor heart attack from caffeine overload. Haha, I laugh looking back at this morning, but man, it was rough at the time!

We head back to the hotel around 8:30 and manage to entertain her until we hit up Town East Mall in good 'ole Mesquite, AKA 'Skeeter' in Brian's world. Wow, is really all I have to say about that establishment. There's some pretty good Dub-T in that place on a Saturday morning. Check that one off the bucket list. My word.... Cam, of course, had a ball, AFTER her breakdown in middle of Macy's by the bedspreads. I thought my husband was gonna lose his mind. There's nothing more embarrassing than your kid throwing a raging fit in the middle of a store. Even if you are surrounded by white trash, it's still embarrassing.
Please know it feels like 7 PM by this time but it's only 10:45 AM. We are meeting Debra at 11:30 at Sissy's for lunch in downtown Dallas and getting rid of my daughter never sounded so good!!!! Lol!! Not really, but we were D-O-N-E!!!! I love every inch of my child but she can sure be challenging at times. So, we have lunch, Cam behaves, eats really well, and she and Deb Deb drive off into the sunset. I literally felt like turning cartwheels there in the Valet line at Sissy's!!! Woohoo, were free!! All I did, from that moment on, was pray my little girl would be nice and sleep for Deb Deb. Guess what?? She did!!! Of course, right?!?!? She took a FOUR hour nap in Debra's closet, then they went to Build a Bear, and then to Chic Fi La for dinner. She was an angel and guess what?? She slept until 7:18 for her Deb Deb. this kid... ;). God love her..
Here are a few pics of their day/evening together. Deb you make our heart smile with the amount of love and time you give our daughter. She loves you beyond measure and is so blessed to have someone like you in her life. Thank you, thank you!!!
Instead of a bear she chose a monkey. Her name is Sarah.

Giving Sarah a bath

How cute is this thing?!?!?!? Cam wanted Sarah to be in pajamas, so pajamas, slippers, and a night mask it was!! Adorable!!!! Cameron had never been to this place and I'm fairly certain we will be going back many more times.

Megan and Steven's wedding was gorgeous!!! It was out on this beautiful ranch and Megan's decor and flowers were beautiful!!!!! Thank you for the memories, Margaret! We are so happy you're happy and wish you both a lifetime of joy and marriage bliss. You deserve nothing but the best sweet girl.

They had a little photo booth set up with props and you take the pictures with your own camera then you upload them to their wedding app so the bride and groom have them forever. How cool is that?!? We got to see Gary and Pat, which made my whole month! Loved catching up with them!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Why we love College Football and Elmo

Games like last night against TCU are what it's all about. Although it was ugly, it's still a W and we will take it!!!!!! 20-10 TTU. Wreck 'Em!!!!!!

Also, Cameron received a thank you note from ELMO yesterday, thanking her for letting him come to her birthday party.
Nice touch My Enchanted Party. Nice touch.

We are headed to Dallas this afternoon to celebrate with Megan and Steven as they blissfully marry. We haven't seen Megan in a very long time so we are looking FW to it. Debra is keeping Cam on Sat night so we can stay out past 7 PM. Thanks Deb Deb... See ya tomorrow!


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