Tuesday, August 30, 2011

35.5 weeks!!

I'm 35.5 Weeks along!!!! Only about 30 days left. We had a Drs appt today and it went well... Cervix is soft, which is good and I'm dilated a 'fingertip' which basically means to a 1. ;). Everything looks great and my Dr. says she thinks it's a boy this week. She said girl last week. Ha! Little Red weighs 6 lbs and is more than 18.5 inches long and about the size of a crenshaw melon. At the end of my 36th week, which is in 8 days, Little Red will be considered 'Full-Term.' CRAZY! I go to the Dr weekly now so I'll update next Tuesday. No new cravings or anything this week so pretty much no change from my 34.5 weeks post. Oh, I've gained 28.8 lbs so far. That darn Ben and Jerry's got me last night!! I could NOT stop eating it!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week.....


Monday, August 29, 2011

Who would have thought this would be good!?!?

It has chocolate covered potato chips in it!! Seriously? I'm pathetic!!!!!! And, if you've never tried this kind before, TRY it!!!! You will like it not pregnant it's that good!!!

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Restaurant Week and The Help

Last Friday night, Brian's friend from Dental school, Matt Pitts, was in town and they wanted steak so we decided to go to Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House which is just around the corner from our house. Well, we completely forgot it was restaurant week until we got there and saw the overflowing parking! We never dreamed we would get in but after a brief 20 minute wait, we were seated and enjoying their famous homemade popover rolls! Yum!!!! We all 3 participated in the restaurant week special and I had the wedge for my salad, the feature appetizer for an additional $5 which was TX peaches wrapped in bacon stuffed with balsamic vinegar, basil, and Brie cheese (unbelievable!!!) then for my main course I got the pecan crusted pan fried pork chop with sweet potato grits, and bread pudding for dessert. Hello? I pretty much had to be ROLLED out of there! But hey-- I've got only one more month of non-dieting so why not, eh?? B had the wedge salad as well, same peach app, prime rib w/ mashed potatoes, and TX citrus pie for dessert. They got a bottle of Faust Cab from Napa that was TO DIE FOR!!!! Some of the best cab I've ever had! Everything was excellent and we ate for pretty cheap!

Last night Brian, Kayla, Craig, and I went and ate at Chuy's then saw The Help and I cannot even begin to try & do this motion picture justice by blogging about how good it was because I can't. I simply can't. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Hands down. What really hit home with B and I was that it was so culturally sound and knowing it really was like that back then is just so crazy to us. Go see it!!!!!!


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Red's Baby Shower Weekend

Saturday, August 20th, 2011, was my friends/family baby shower and I have never seen a more precious baby shower before in my life! I mean, I could be bias, since this was my shower, but my hostesses spent so much time and hard work on this that I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank them enough or express how appreciative we are. They have been planning since like March! Below is me arriving and being completely overwhelmed by all the darling decorations, food, gifts,... everything was immaculate! If you look to my right, you can see an "H" in the window on the front door. My sis made this H with wood and all different types of ribbons. So cute! I am so impressed with my sister's creativity and artistic skills. I have it hanging on the nursery door and love it!

My beautiful hostesses: (Left to Right) Lindsay Hale (she had the shower at her home), Vail Tolbert, Kayla Andrews, Bridget Hughes, my sis, Courtney Golden, and Debra Peck.

After I opened gifts and right before I opened the hostesses gift, I talked about my hostesses and how each one is very special to me. Of course, I was a mess.! Balling like a baby; however, I don't know that I would have been any less emotional not pregnant. These women mean a lot to me and I am blessed beyond measure to have them in my life.

As you walked in, they had a table set up with little bags of popcorn with the below label stuck on them and my baby book for everyone to sign in. These bags of popcorn were absolutely precious. Thanks Jim Mock, Panhandle Popcorn and Kayla for arranging this. So cute!

Lindsay Hale made these labels for all the food items, and she so had a "Cravings Corner" for me. LOVE THAT!

My mom and Mother-in-law's friends who came in for the shower. So nice of ya'll to do that and loved having you guys here!

My sister made this sweet night light for the nursery. She saw these on someone's blog and I am so glad she did! I love it.

This cake was To Die For! It was chocolate and vanilla, 3 layers, and complete yummy goodness. I believe Vail said she got it from Tart Bakery. They made little petit fours to go along with it and they were delicious as well. The theme of the shower was 'blocks' hence the block BABY cake. Love that idea and was perfect for a gender neutral shower.

The food was awesome! They had my "cravings corner" which was mac and cheese and kolaches, then they had chicken salad, some kind of slaw salad that had toasted ramen noodles and almonds in it (SO good!!!!), tortellini/salami salad, baby quiches, fruit and fruit dip, the cake, and then 3 different types of drinks, one of which was this Sangria Kayla made that was really good!

Coffee filter/burp cloth/wash rag cupcake anyone?? Yep, that's right. Once, again: my sis outdid herself! These were decorations on one of the card tables. The base was coffee filters, then she rolled up a burp cloth that she bought from Joanne's, sewed, and frayed in the washing machine all by herself, then inside she stuck a little wash rag. Actually, one had a hat rolled up inside and another had socks, I believe, but are these not the cutest things ever!??!?!

These are the burp rags unrolled.... all gender neutral and darling!

More decor, compliments of my sister, Melissa "Martha" Jones! These are more washcloths rolled up to look like lollipops!

The mantle in the living room. Courtney did all the onesies on the mantle and did a phenomenal job. She got all different sizes to match w/ the seasons and Little Red could not be more set. Also, one thing about this diaper cake that I discovered once I got home and was taking it all apart was that there was a bottle of champagne in the middle! Are you kidding me?!?! How great is that!!?! And, not just any champagne: Jenni found some called "Bitch Bubbly" Seriously. LOVE IT! :)

My baby picture....I was like 18 months - 2 years old here, I believe

Brian's baby picture. He was 16 months, I believe. Loved the little blocks with our names on them.

The Travel System my hostesses gave us all put together. We love it and could not be more pleased!

Opening gifts...we got lots of Texas Tech gear! :)

Thanks, Melissa and Martha May for the adorable Radio Flyer tricycle with blinkers and all!

Thanks, Gary and Paulette for the super cute Frog Humidifier.

Chad and Donna, we love the 'go pod!' It's like a 'tailgating chair' for our baby! Brilliant!! :)

My Timi and Leslie diaper bag... thank you, Pam and Patti. It's perfect and fashionable all at the same time!

Thanks, Dorette, for the jumper!

Thanks, Mandie and Tami, for the bathtubs. I got a pink and blue one, which worked out perfectly! We'll return the one we don't need! :)

Tami and her 6 week old little girl, Carter. She was such a little angel! She's perfect, Tami!

What a special, special day!!! Little Red got so many wonderful things and we are so grateful! Thanks to everyone who came. I love you guys and cannot wait for ya'll to meet Mac or Cameron!

After the shower, many people came back over to the house to swim and have dinner. We had a FULL HOUSE, but I would not have had it any other way! It was humbling enough that so many people traveled to be here for us so dinner was the least we could do. Brian got to use his mad BBQ Skillz, of which he always enjoys doing, so it was no problem. We had a blast! As for the people came: (And, my apolgies for those who don't care who came by our house: remember--I am keeping this blog as a memory tool for me and this is one weekend we don't want to forget so I am going to list out all who came by) At one point or another after the shower was: my mom and her 5 friends (Pam, Patti, Lynette, Erin, and Maxine), my Aunt Chloe, my MIL and her 2 friends Becky and Melissa, my sis and her family, Courtney, Mandie, Trent & Kelly, Kayla and Craig, Bridget & Jim, Tami and Carlos, Brian’s cousin Labry and his wife Lora, Chad & Donna, Mike & Lindsay Hale and their 2 boys, B's dental school friend, Otto, and Courtney's parents Randy and Linda Golden. WHEW! That’s a lot! But, again--it was wonderful seeing everyone and dinner turned out great. Thanks, babe for taking on that project as I didn't have to do a whole lot, thankfully. I knew I was going to have to watch it being 8.5 months prego so Brian really stepped up to the plate and did a fantastic job hosting. His brisket, ribs, and beans were off the hook, once again! :) Also, big thanks to Courtney, Mandie, my mother and sister in law, and Linda Golden for helping clean my kitchen. There may have been others that got in there too so thanks to you guys as well... you all are a God send!!!

We go to the Dr. on Tuesday, the 30th, so stay tuned for a 35.5 week update. I can't believe Nemo will be here in a month!



Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work Baby Shower

Last Thursday, a week ago today, my company threw Nemo a baby shower. Let's just say I have the best co-workers ever!!!! First they decorate my cube and get me a cake for my birthday, now this, all in the same week??? They outdid themselves!!! Thank ya'll so much! Baby H loves all his/her gifts!!!!

They fixed the cake!

Kristi Casebeer, my teammate, and one of the hostesses for the shower.

My chair!

Nursing tank :) Thanks, Julie. I need all the pointers I can get!

Sensory Balls.... ?? Who knew?? There are like 5 different sizes depending on what age your baby is, and supposedly you roll these on it's back to stimulate it's senses. Once again....Who knew??? Stephanie, my co-worker who gave me these, said the pictures of the babies/children on the box were all happy so she knew they had to be good. I like your thinking, Steph. But, I hope you stop being so gullible and naive
before deciding to be a mommy yourself one day :)

Thanks for the book, hat, and onesie, Kirsten

Several people from my division pitched in and got us our swing!!!! I've heard this is a God send for not only the baby, but mommy also! Thank ya'll!!!

Swaddle Sack--another God send for bed-time, so I've been told. Thanks, Kim!

Lots of goodies from JR, Angel, and Clay

Kristi went to take a group photo but noone was listening so she just snapped it anyway

We played a little game where they passed around these little pieces of paper and you got to guess what the sex and weight will be. Well, this was JR being funny.
Out of the 35 or so who came, 26 voted and 19 said boy and 7 said girl! Well, besides Joe Hart here since he thinkg I'm having an 'it.' I thought that was pretty interesting considering almost everyone I know besides my mom and sis think I'm having a girl.

The girls who helped put this shin dig together! Thank you ladies. You made me feel like a very special mommy-to-be :)

And, the final product! Brian put the swing together tonight and we love it!

Stay tuned for pics and details from my friends & family baby shower last Saturday

Cheers and Happy 'almost' TGIF!