Monday, April 30, 2012

Our weekend

We had a great weekend!!! Friday night, Debra came over to keep this sweet thing....

While Brian and I joined Heather and Brad for dinner at Sissy's in Uptown. Unbelievable southern home-cooking cuisine.

HIGHLY recommend it!!! Best fried chicken I've ever put in my mouth!!!! We enjoyed meeting Brad think they make a great pair! He's super fun and just like us! ;)
After dinner we stopped next door at Victor Tango's for a post-dinner cocktail and had a rather festive bartender whip Heather and I up some very intense drinks that took like 20 minutes to make! Brian is having a sip below... It involved basil, egg whites, FIRE.... It was nuts!

My sister actually stayed the weekend with us as she had a CRNA board review class Fri-Sun in Irving so instead of driving back to Aledo each night she just came and stayed with us, which we loved! Cameron loved getting to see her Aunt Melly. ;). Once my sis got home Friday night, Debra left. Thank you, Deb, for watching Cam until my sis got
there. You are the best!

Sunday we met my nanny, her husband Neal, and their son Levi for lunch at Chuy's and the babies had a large time! Cameron's new face is priceless! This is her 'I'm so excited and I just can't hide it' face. She loves her some Juli and Levi! ;). Neal is a super nice guy and we were thrilled to finally have an opportunity to meet him.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Tuesday, April 24th, was my friend, Debra's birthday, and boy did we surprise her!?!?!? I planned this about 2 weeks ago and we had 10 out of the 13 invited come! What an incredible turnout!!!! These women have families, jobs, T/base-ball, soccer practice, etc so I really appreciate everyone who came! We certainly missed those who couldn't be there but totally understand. Debra was BEYOND surprised!!! My ploy was that I invited her over for 'dinner' and that we would have a big birthday celebration this weekend. I played it off and said Brian would make her whatever she wanted (she loves B's cooking) so she chose a filet, his famous
garlic roasted rosemary potatoes, and Caesar salad. I asked everyone to park one street back and come through my alley so she wouldn't see their cars and it worked perfectly. Little did she know, she got a houseful of Sangria-filled friends, lots of gifts, Campisi's pizza, pasta salad, and a red-velvet 'Nothin Bundt Cake'. We had an absolute blast and she could not have been more appreciative. She thanked me over and over and just cried and cried. ;) It melted my heart to see her so happy! We love you Debra and wouldn't have been anywhere else on your birthday!!!! So glad we pulled it off!!!!!

Here's to many more birthdays, Deb!!!

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Clap, Clap, Clap your hands!

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ellis Lynn Cooper!!!!

My friend, Lindsay Cooper, had her baby girl yesterday afternoon. She was a little early at 35 weeks and 6 days gestational age but is doing great! She's in the NICU and on a C-Pap machine like Cameron was as her lungs just weren't quite ready and was having to work a little too hard to breathe so the C Pap is helping her out. But everything is great and she is BEAUTIFUL! She weighed 6 lbs! ;) Healthy baby girl! So happy for you, Lindsay and Joey! God is good!


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip to see Grammy and Pop and our first tooth!!!!

Last Friday we flew to Plainview to see my folks and Granddaddy and had a wonderful weekend. Cam slept great both nights, met lots of people at Leal's and church, and tried grown-up oatmeal for the first time! She loves it!

Waiting at Love field to go see Grammy and Pop for the weekend. Cam did AWESOME on the plane both going and coming.

As I unpacked that night, I found this note from Brian. ;)

Cam loves her Grammy!!! Thanks for a fun weekend, Grammy and Pop!

And, as much as I'd love to get a photo, the little stinker won't let me but we have our first tooth! In Daddy's dental lingo, it's tooth 'O'. ;). (on the bottom somewhere in mommy's lingo) He's very proud of his bear and looks constantly to see if others are breaking the surface as well.


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Friday, April 20, 2012

indescribable feeling.....

So, I just got the below email from Juli and I literally, closed my eyes, and thanked God. Right then. Right there. At my desk. And, it's not just these little outings with the babies that make me thank God for her. Those are important and I am so thankful she does them, as are the babies, but it's the little things also. She picks my house up every single day before I get home because she knows I am a clutter freak and simply wants to make me happy. She also empties my dishwasher. Takes my cup from my bedroom from the night before and puts it in the dishwasher. She loves and picks up after Nixie...even when she 'ralphs' on the rug. She changes out batteries on the babies toys. She washes bottles. She take the trash and recycle bin out. She does Cam's laundry, and mine if I ask her to. She comes to work every day with a smile on her face. She adores my daughter and Cam adores her. She respects and puts up with my anal 'new mom' tendancies. I could go on and on.....She is simply the best.

What an enormous blessing and influence we have in our lives and it's because of her that Brian and I are able to leave every single morning knowing Cameron is in great hands. It's a pretty indescribale feeling unless you have the same situation with your caregiver. Blessed is an understatement. Juli, we love you like family and could not be happier with everything you do for us and Cameron.


The babies have a busy calendar next week! Here's what's on the agenda:

Tue 4/24: 11:15 Baby Bounce class at Renner Library (our regular class)

Thur 4/26: 10:00 Tots & Tykes Playgroup Meet-up at Collin Creek Mall (Plano)
"Join us for a fun filled morning at the mall! We will start with Tiny Tot Time. It's fun for little ones at Tiny Tot Time, a half-hour filled with stories and singing, dancing, a craft and even a snack, compliments of Chick-fil-A. Children and parents are invited to Tiny Tot Time, held on the lower level in Center Court. Then we can let the kids get their energy out on the brand new play area they just redid. After we can head to lunch in the food court."

Fri 4/27: 10:15 Tots & Tykes Playgroup Meet-up at Interurban Museum (Plano)
"Join us for a preschool story time at the Interurban Railway Museum! After story time we can let the kids look around the museum at all the cool train stuff."

I talked to moms and asked if both activities were suitable for babies. They will definitely be engaged with portions of the mall outing. The train one is questionable, I think. But if it doesn't work out the museum is surrounded by a nice park. :)

The best part is, it's all free! :)




Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scottsdale, AZ

This past Sunday, I flew out to Scottsdale with my boss for a work convention and we stayed at The Westin Keirland Resort and Spa. The convention was also there so it was nice. Can you say beautiful?!?!!? OMG, this place was incredible! I've never been to AZ (excpet to change planes at the airport) and it's very much a posh little resort area. Still the desert, but very nice and plush. All the homes are stucco with tile roofs, the mountains in the distance are breathtaking, and the palm trees are a dime a dozen. So pretty! We had a great convention and were able to network with a lot of our Clients and Prospects.

The view from the back of the resort by the massive firepit that's lit 24/7. Every day at sunset, they have a bagpiper play for an hour and its just so tranquil. We had a great time

One of our Clients, Jim Horvath, with Steel City Anesthesia

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Brian is teaching little bit to say Dada and crawl! She's not fully crawling yet, but will be soon! OMG! And, yes--she can say Dada. And, yes--it sounds better than mamma! Good job babe. You were determinded, weren't you?? HA!



Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 9 Month Birthday, Levi!

You are getting SO big and growing up WAY TOO FAST! Cameron loves having y0u as her BFF! :o)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 months old!!!!

You sleep from 7:30-8 PM until 6-6:30 AM every night and take anywhere from 2-3 naps a day ranging from 1-2.5 hours. You love to sleep and your parents like that because you are happy 99.5% of the time!

You LOVE every kind of food but green veggies and ham baby food. You also take 4 8-oz bottles/day.

You can say mamma!!!!

You talk a lot!!!!

You brighten your mommy and daddy's day

You are such a good baby! If you're not hungry or tired, you're the happiest baby ever! You just sit in front of your toys and play for hours.

We love you sweet baby girl and are blessed beyond imagination!!!
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few Easter pics and Happenings

Brian, Nixie, Cam, and I all loaded up last Saturday morning to head to Aledo to spend Easter with my sis and her family. We first went to Ian's baseball game, then straight to London's soccer game. Ian is an incredible little ball player who really 'gets' the game now and it's so cute because he'll like talk to his teammates, tell them where the ball is going, to move to 2nd, etc. He's growing up WAAAY too fast! And little London... She's a spit-fire out there on the soccer field! She scored 2 goals and is really good on defense! We had a great time seeing the kids play their sport and hope to see many more

My sis has a bluebonnet patch in her front yard so we snapped a few photos of the kids

My sister and BIL were quite the hosts all weekend! They invited their friends, The Arringtons' and their 3 kids over on Saturday and we had a really fun day/night. She had sandwich stuff for us on Saturday afternoon at lunch, brought out this massive spread of appetizers around 4, Justin smoked a beer-can chicken, Melissa made a big pot of beans & some coleslaw, and we played Spades later that night. We got up Sunday morning, the kids hunted Easter eggs, we went to the 11 AM service, (Cameron was an angel in church!!! She sat there, in the pew beside me, for the entire hour & 15 minute service, just playing with her toys.) and when we came home, we took lots of pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.

Thanks, Mel and Jus, for a wonderful Easter weekend. We loved seeing you guys and your children are such good kids.
And, may we never forget the real meaning of Easter and what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for us.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Top Golf

Last Thursday us and two other couples (Kayla and Craig and Bridget and Jim) went to Top Golf in Allen and had the best time! I completely suck but we still had a good time!

We has a winner...Mr. B!! Until.....

Miss Bridget kicked our butts!

And then....Kayla came close. Ha! Sorry, K. Had to post this. It's ok. I only had you beat by a few.

And... The winner... Is......

Craig!!! Good job, birthday boy!!!!!!

Thanks for a fun time friends! Lets do it again soon!!


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