Thursday, February 27, 2014

Amy is out of ICU!!!!!

Hooray, she's out of ICU!!!! She just moved to room 605. The official address where she will be for a while, recovering, is:

Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano
C/O Amy Cook Room 605
4700 Alliance Blvd
Plano, TX. 75093

Please keep the prayers and positive thinking coming!!!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tess's nursery and Amy Update

Well, it's starting to get real around here. My maids came today and they will only clean two more times before Tess arrives. Holy @%#€!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom came and spent the night with me Monday night (B was in Dallas with his mom) and I put her to work! ;). Im sure she wasn't thinking she signed up for that but the nursery is done and I'm much more at ease now! I was starting to procrastinate and I never procrastinate so I feel so much better about things now. It's super cute and I still have a couple things to do but for the most part it's done.

Our leather glider we used for Cam is going there in the corner but we can't move it out of Cam's room (we still read books every night in that thing!) until her new glider is recovered. It should be done in 3 weeks or so.

These are all Cameron's clothes! I've gotten a few things as gifts but for the most part, these were all Cams. And only 0-6 months! I had forgotten how much Cameron had!!!


I love this bay window and want to eventually have a custom cushion made for the seat but just don't have that in the budget right now. One day.....

As for my MIL: she's doing well. The docs round on her every morning and say everything looks good! She has three incisions: a skin graft incision on her hip/thigh, where they took skin to close the flap over her knee, another one on her abdomen where they took muscle, also for the flap, then her knee incision, obviously, for the knee replacement. I mean, can you imagine?!?!?!??!?! Bless her heart!!!! She was in a lot of pain yesterday but thats just what 5 hours of surgery will do to you. She may be a little better today, just sore. She said her abdomen incision really hurts. Please lift her up in prayer as she could use some strength during this recovery. Shes already a strong lady with great determination but she could always use the extra thoughts plus, we need to pray she heals properly and doesn't get infection in any of her incisions like last time. She will be in the hospital for at least 2-3 weeks.

I'll keep everyone posted.

~Have a nice hump day all~


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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MIL Update

God is definitely good. Amy was taken back at 10:30 yesterday morning and was out by 3:30. They initially thought about 6.5 hours so an early finish is always a good sign! She's is a LOT of pain today but that was to be expected. She had a skin graft taken from her thigh/hip to help close up her knee and believe it or not, that's the worst thing right now. But overall, things look good. Dr. Maale was able to get her a new knee in there and as long as she heals properly, she should be good to go! She just has to learn to walk again but she's strong, determined, and in great spirits. I'm very very proud of her. Brian flew out yesterday morning to be there and comes home this evening. I'm glad he was able to be there.

Have a good week all!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crazy hair day

Last Friday was crazy hair day at school and this bad mommy forgot but when B went to pick her up from school, here is what he found. Those are feathers. Nice!!!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

33 weeks and Frozen

Today I'm 33 weeks and this isn't the best photo but it'll work. I'm craving anything peanut butter. I literally eat it with a spoon and anything with the ingredient remotely in it.

Here I was prego with Cam @ 33 weeks. I am carrying Tess the exact same way except im having some pretty horrific sciatic nerve pain on my right side. All I've read to do about it is: stay off your feet, (ha! Ya right. With a two year old???? Not a chance) put heat on it and get a certified prenatal massage. The last two I can handle.

I took Cam to see her first movie today and oh my goodness, she could have been hypnotized if I hadn't known better. She didn't move or utter a sound except for the occasional 'what happened mommy?' But that was it. She LOVED it!!!!! Frozen is an absolutely darling movie, one I might have to own for myself. Such a sweet sweet story about sisters. Not only has Cameron never been to the theater, the girl has never had popcorn. Well, I'd say the girl is a huge fan! She ate almost her whole small.

Such a fun mommy/daughter date. My muffin is growing up on me. I honestly didn't think she would do well thinking she was too little but this is like the third thing she's done lately that proves her mommy wrong! She really is getting big, maturing more and more everyday, and starting to become this little lady all of a sudden. I don't think there's anything I could love more. Well.... Except for peanut butter but that's just temporary ;)


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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling better...

This was taken during breakfast this morning around 715

And these were taken at 11. Even have some smiles! ;)

Laying on Mommy's belly.

Before I forget, they prescribed Cefdinir/Omnicef for the strep and tobramycin for the eye gunk.

Here's hoping she gets better and better as the day goes on!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Steps and First Strep

Last Sunday night we had part 1 of FUMC downtown's 'first steps' program, which is their recommended class for families who want to join their community. The first meeting was basically an introduction to the church pastoral staff, then we went around the room and gave our story. There was only one other couple there, which is pretty rare according to Pastor Curry, but we had a nice time. Small world, this little couple was pretty young (24-25ish), he is from LBB and she's from Abilene. Well he is a dentist, new grad, and just took a job with a very well-known practice in town called Harkins and Hancock. He will be their third dentist as Harkins has been around a while and will retire soon. She stays home with their 15 month old and they are expecting their second baby in July. Sweet sweet people and actually know some of the same people we do. Crazy small world for sure. We will finish up next Sunday, then we will officially be members once they announce us to the congregation some time in March. Yay!!!! We are so happy there and can't wait to finally say we have a church home. We never found 'the one' in Dallas as we just never had that feeling about one there, but with FUMC downtown, we immediately knew it's where we belonged.

As for the second part to this post: well--where do I even begin?!?!?!?
I got a call from her school around 230 today saying she was crying, inconsolable, had 101 fever, and that her eyes were matted shut.
Her eyes starting getting goopy last night which means she's got allergies (it's not your typical pink eye goop) as she did this last year at the beginning of spring so we just gave her Claritin this AM and sent her to school. She was acting completely fine and had no fever. When I walked into her class room and saw her looking like the below......

I lost it! Started crying hysterically. They said she woke up from her nap looking like that and that she hadn't looked like that all day thank God!!! When she saw me she just cried and cried, went straight to me, held up her arms to
be held, and said "I needa go home!" Ugh!!!!!! I could not hold it together! And these darn pregnancy hormones do NOT help! I just felt so bad for her. :(. I took her straight to doc but almost rushed her to the ER she looked so bad. The waiting room at the UC Clinic, which is also where our PED/PCP works as they have normal office hours as well, was PACKED, but they took us immediately as we all thought it was an allergic reaction. But she didn't eat anything abnormal?!?! Anyway, they tested for strep and flu and it's strep. In her eyes AND throat. Gross huh?!? I don't know that it's 'technically' strep of the eye, it's just nasty sickness that has spread to her little eyes so now we have some eye drops and an antibiotic. Here's hoping these work quick!!! There is no way in hell her eyes feel good looking like that. Bless her. This was taken at dinner. She had a pretty good little appetite so that's good I guess. Poor thing, I hate when she's sick!!! Parenthood is tough! I haven't been this upset in a while. No one prepped us for all the hard times like these.

Hope everyone is having a good and healthy week.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be Mine

I love that he's mine.....

Valentines morning. Brian's office manager got her some jewels and she was thrilled! B and I got her a Minnie Mouse doll and a Dora watch. Big hits as well. I have a whole new love for this day now that I'm a mom. Not gonna lie.. Used to hate that wretched 14th day of February like the plague.

Cameron's Valentines for her friends at school. Yes, pretty much every mom waaaayy outdid me with their Pinterest-esque valentines but I didn't care. Inside these are the worlds best (homemade, might i add thanks to my Betty Crocker MIL who introduced these to me!!) chocolate chip cookie bars that I know someone will enjoy vs one of those nasty tooth-breaking suckers every mom spent their entire Thursday night poking through that cheap card stock paper. ;)

At her school party. I am so thankful I'm able to attend these types of things. She loved that I came. And, sorry I'm going mom-mushy for a second: I may be biased but I just think she's so beautiful. Where did my baby go??!?


Thursday, February 13, 2014

32 weeks, sweet friends, and February Blooms????

Today I'm 32 weeks! Feeling large but that's probably bc Ive been baking chocolate chip cookie bars and well.... We all know what happens when I bake. Oh well, I feel good so can't complain! I've gained 28 lbs which is a little more than I gained with Cameron at this time but hey: who's counting?!! It's my last time to be pregnant, I'm living it up! And how CUTE is that H&M Navajo sweater I have on?!?! My friend Drea let me borrow it and I may sleep in it I love it so much! ;)

At my Dr's appt Tuesday my OB let us go ahead and schedule our C-Section and she typically does repeat C's a week early and with my history, she was more than fine with getting Tess's birthday on the books a bit early. Looks like her big day will be April 4th! Cam came on 9/9 and now Tess on 4/4. I have to say it's a bit weird scheduling my daughters birthday after what happened with Cameron but is also assuring all at the same time. My OB is very in tune with my body so I feel I'm in very good hands!!! I just love my OB!

I got a UPS package earlier this week from my sweet friend, Trisha, who lives in Austin, and it just made me smile. It came out of nowhere and I loved it!! She was thinking about my girls and for that I'm so grateful for sweet friends who do random acts of kindness like this.

With Cameron just starting swim lessons this could not have been more perfect! And for some random reason the girl LOVES sharks! My sis gave me a whole bunch of bath toys from when her kids were little and one of Ian's favorites was a shark so that's probably why. Regardless, it's darling!!

And Tess has nothing with her name on it yet so again: impeccable timing Trisha! That brown part is super soft!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

We put all our outdoor plants in the sunroom and green house for the winter and check out these giant geranium blooms! Gorgeous!!!!!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Girls Weekend!!!

Mandie and I flew to Austin last Friday to see our friend Andrea and her beautiful twin baby girls! They are almost 11 weeks old and the most beautiful little dolls ever!!!! We didn't do a whole lot, which is totally what we wanted, but Matt, Andrea's husband, watched the girls for 5 hours on Saturday so we could eat out, shop, and get a pedi. He's a great dad and deserves Father of the Year Award. You don't see many dads offering to keep ONE less than 3 month old baby so his wife and friends could go have fun, let alone TWO, so impressed doesn't even come close to how I feel about Mr. Mom Matt McGowan. Speaking of great dads, Cameron sure has herself a good one! Thanks, baby, for letting me slip away one last time before our second daughter arrives. You impressed me from day 1 with Cam and continue to do so with every day after.

Sloan gave us a guns up!!!!

Sweet Riley snoozing

Sloan smiling

Olli, Andreas 9 year old schnauzer who reminded me a lot of Nixie

Before kids we used to dress all cute, hit a bar, and kill the day doing absolutely nothing productive. Now, we dress as comfy as possible, pack our coolers and breast pumps, and drink as much water as possible with lunch so as to increase our milk supply! Haha!

All our 'gear'

Here's my 31 week belly shot. I didn't get around to taking one so I'll post a good one this Thursday when I'm 32 weeks.

Our view from the restaurant, The Grove, at lunch. Austin seriously has some breath taking views and phenomenal food!!!

We did enjoy 'A' glass of wine to celebrate two healthy baby girls and a friendship we are beyond blessed to have.

Dinner at The County Line that night. That's a serious plate of ribs! Leave it up to the pregnant lady to order such a monstrosity. Matt told me he would help me eat it. It was delicious!!!

When I arrived at my gate at the Austin airport to fly home, Mr. Kliff Kingsbury was there as well. He is so damn cute and as my friend, Lindsay, put it: 'Surely he won't pass up the smokin hot prego lady to sit by!!!!' ;).

And no......He didn't sit by me.

Drea and Mandie: here's to a fabulous weekend full of blessings, laughter, and joy. I miss you both, and those sweet babies, already so much it hurts!!! Until next time, of which, Drea: you're coming to W. TX!!!!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amy's Surgery and our new KING bed

Well, Amy's surgery has been scheduled for February 24th at 1030 in the morning. Dr. Maale is doing it at Baylor Plano. The Plastic Surgeon said she would have bed rest for several days and then dangle her leg off the bed for a few minutes and work up from there. She will have to go to a rehab after her hospital stay before going home but that was to be expected. So, she will be in Dallas several weeks recovering but that's a heck or a lot better than several months, in my opinion!! Here's hoping for a positive outcome and that she's walking by Tess's birthday.

Our new bed came in yesterday morning around 10 am and my amazing husband, bless him, went and picked it up and put it together for me on his lunch break yesterday. He knows me too well. I've wanted a King bed for a VERY long time and with him leaving for Dallas yesterday afternoon, he knew I'd want it put together so I could sleep on it before he left town so he made it happen in an hour & 1/2! Thanks baby, I LOVE it!!! Didn't sleep real well as I never do when you're out of town but regardless I am loving all the room and our new bedding/sheets/pillows ;). Nixie too!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dress up at school....

Cameron's teacher sent this to me yesterday.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Swimming Lessons with Amber

Ok Amber is seriously the sweetest little Tech student ever and adores Cameron after lesson 1. I'm so glad we decided to do this! Cameron grabbed Ambers hand and marched over to that pool like it was nothing then proceeded to follow instructions, nod her little head and do as she was told, kick her legs, blow bubbles, etc. She was so cute. And grown up. How in the heck did my baby get big enough to attend swimming lessons?!?!? She had a ball and Amber said she did great! Cam cried when it was time to go, she's such a little fish!!

Yesterday we went to Friona to get our King mattress and box springs for our new bed and someone was super excited to see her Mamy and Slick! She cracks me up. ;)

Big thank you to my in-laws for letting us try out this mattress they bought a while back and didn't like. I'm hoping we like it as this will sure be convenient and a lot cheaper than a new mattress!

Thanks Amy and Fred, we greatly appreciate this!!!!

We woke up to snow this am!!! So pretty!!!!!