Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Team Cooper, swimming, baby Slate, No-More-Babies, and Pam turns 60!!

We see The Coopers a lot and all I really have to say is thank you God for allowing us this time together. Lindsay is one of my dear best friends who I literally grew up in the crib with! Our moms are best friends and so are we! For me to say it makes me smile that our kids get to grow up together also is a major understatement! This is such a fun fun time in our lives and can't wait to make lots of memories together!!!

It's been chilly the last couple weeks but we did manage to get over to my sisters for a quick swim last weekend and Cam just loves it! She will now get it without me which is so nice. And she's much more comfortable with her floatie which puts me much more at ease!!

I went to AMA last Friday for Mandies baby shower and it was so fun to see everyone!!! Baby Slate is doing so remarkably well that he will probably get to go home this Sunday!!!!! He's such a precious little fighter and I can't wait to squeeze him!!!!

Speaking of babies: Cameron's babies has officially left the building!!!!! She had three paci's and she actually bit two off herself just from teething on them. So, my husband, Dad of the year, cut the tip off the third one while I was in AMA and boy was she pissed! It's ok if she bites them off but not when mommy or daddy do! Ha! She wasn't using it at school except for naps but her teacher got her to nap without it Friday so we took her lead and ran with it. Friday night was awful! She screamed for an hour but eventually gave in. As for her nap on saturday, she cried for about 20 minutes but each day she cried less time. And she would wake up during the middle of the night but we just let her cry it out. It took about 3 days to be fully rid of it, so not too bad, but she was sure sad! Thank you honey for nipping this while I was gone. I owe you big time!!!! And I probably would have given in Friday night had I of been there so good thing I wasn't. ;)

Mom and 5 of her best friends came to LBB on Monday to celebrate Pam's 60th bday so me, my sis, and Lindsay joined them at Funky Door. We had a blast!!! Happy bday Pamma! Here's to many more. ;)


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Friday, July 26, 2013


Last Wednesday night Mamy & Slick came to LBB to celebrate with us and Trent and Kelly their 25th wedding anniversary. My sis babysat Cam for us which was so nice! Thanks Melly!

We ate at Double Nickel and it was really really good! Almost 3 yrs ago Amy and Fred treated us to dinner here at Christmas time and I didn't remember it being so good. I was very impressed!!! We had a great time! Amy brought some pics to show us of their engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. Kelly and I had never seen these before and couldn't let Amy take them back without us scanning them. They are greatness!!!!!
Engagement party in 1988

The wedding!

The bride, Trent, and Amy's mom Jean. AKA Grammy.

Trent and Labry, Amy's dad. AKA granddad.


Brian and Trent. Cutest boys ever!!


And here they are today!!!

My sis took this before dinner

What Trent and Kelly gave them. So cute!!!!

Such a fun and exciting time. So glad we all live close and can celebrate like this. I have a new appreciation for anniversaries the older I get, and especially since B & I have one each each year. It truly is an accomplishment and celebration each year you spend with your best friend. I was 20 when my parents celebrate their 25th and I wish I would have made a bigger deal out of it, but I was young and dumb and trying to focus on my grades! Ha! My parents will celebrate their 40th next summer on August 31st, 2014. We can't wait to celebrate with you guys in Costa Rica!!!!
Oh, and btw mom: in addition to those pics of you as a baby, I'm gonna need some engagement, wedding, and honeymoon pics as well! Love ya!!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Counting my blessings...

I wake up every morning and literally just smile. I am constantly reminded of what an amazing God it is we serve and that he never makes mistakes. I have so much to be thankful for and I just wanted to jot them down so I never forget.
1.). Parents/Grandparents. They love unconditionally and would do anything for us. B, Cam, and I are who we are today because of these 4 amazing people. Thank you mom, dad, Amy and Fred for all you do. Day in and day out.
2.). My husband: we went to Friona last weekend for Brian's 20th HS reunion and I already knew he was kindof a big deal just from hear say but his classmates justified that a 1000 times over. Everyone loves him!!! He knows everyone, their story and family, is nice to everyone, and was an inspiration to many in school. Watching him interact with everyone made me fall in love with him all over again. Not only is he an amazing son, grandson, brother, brother in law, cousin, uncle, and boss, he's the best husband and father around. Hands down. Thank you for being you, Cameron Brian Herring. I love you more than you know.
3.). Cameron Elizabeth Herring. All 22 months, 32 lbs, and 36 inches of you. I get out of bed everyday because of you. You make me laugh, cry, get goosebumps, pray, jump for joy, and proud. I love you sweet girl and could not imagine life without you.

She had a major blowout at school so this is how she was dressed when we picked her up. Haha!!!

Yes that's a powder compact. Like mother, like daughter.

4.). My sis, her family, and brother & sister in law. We could not be more blessed to live only a few minutes away from these two sweet families. Cameron constantly asks for Ian, London, Melly, Jus, Trent, and Kelly. Thank you for being the examples you are and for allowing our daughter to love you all as much as she does.
5.). Friends. I couldn't ask for better friends. Seriously. They make my heart flutter, tick, and work. I was recently in AMA and got to meet Mandie and Chris's miracle, Slate Fynn Ollinger, who's completely off oxygen and weighs a whopping 4 lbs 11 oz at only 4 weeks and 3 days old! I loved every second of my hour with him and can't wait to see him come home to his amazing parents.

I am also thankful for random lunch dates with girlfriends.

6.). Dr. Ronald Phillips. You have changed our lives in ways one can only imagine. Your trust in my husband has been an absolute God send and we are just so thankful you chose Us to carry on your long-standing & extremely successful practice. We will be forever indebted to you for this incredible opportunity.
7.). Willie, Julie, and Georgia. These are Brian's girls at the office and without them Brian couldn't do what he loves to do. They show up on time every day with a smile on their face, keep things running smoothly, love their jobs, provide off-the-charts care to the patients, and just genuinely care about Brian and the success of the Practice. Thank you for your selflessness, ladies. And I can assure you these three aren't just selfless at work. I know its simply instilled in them making them remarkable women outside of the office with everything they do in life.
We are so blessed. Thank you God for watching over us and allowing us to count our blessings each day.
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heather and Brad's wedding and a few random thoughts

What a beautiful wedding Heather worked so hard planning!!! I took zero pics of the bride and groom so I took a few off FB. I was so glad to see my friends at the wedding that I just forgot..Shame on me!! Heather you were a gorgeous bride and Brad was very handsome! Cheers to the happy couple!!!

Heather's brother Cody with wife, Christy, and 3 week old baby girl, Marlowe Jane at the rehearsal dinner. Yes folks, that's right...That beautiful brunette had a baby 3 weeks ago!!! Unreal!! U look fabulous Christy!!!

The stunning Mother of the Bride, Sharon Hodges

3 of her 5 bridesmaids. Pretty ladies!!

So good seeing you Jenn!!! You are glowing!! ;)

Devine... Oh how I have missed you!!!!!

Deb Deb!!

Bridge, loved that you and Jim made the wedding! Miss you lots!!! K and Deb, ya'll too but I've seen you guys a few more times since we moved

Photo bomb, courtesy of yours truly: Joey Cooper

Love my hubby

Great pic Coopers!!!

My girls!!!

Mom and Dad kept Cam Saturday night and this was before Sunday school. ;)

If I would let her, Nix would sit here, in my lap, all day, every day. She's loving me working from home.

We got lights put in our H and I love it!!!

I absolutely adore my backyard! I love all our flowers/plants, especially our Crepe Myrtle blooms hanging below our pergola. And I especially love God's rain. Thank you Lord!!!

A few more pics from the photo shoot

That darn 'babies' ;). My photographer said its sweet memories and she's right!!

What happens when Deb Deb takes my daughters photo...

And what happens when I take her photo. Little stinker!! Guess it was her company and the Mac n cheese!!


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


There's really nothing better...
As I see precious baby Slate grow, listen to my beautiful friend, Drea, talk about her growing belly with 2 perfect little girls inside, watch Cameron grin from ear to ear while watching Sesame Street, discuss with my amazing husband about how much he loves his job... I can't help but be extremely grateful for Family. What a blessing to have a family and then wonderful friends to support your family.!!
Here's a picture of Slate during his bath and right after with no tubes or wires. Could that vibrant blonde hair be any cuter?!?!?!

He weighs 3 lbs 5 oz!! He entered the world weighing 2 lbs 14 oz. He's such a little fighter and determined to get stronger and stronger each day. So proud of him!!!

Cam watching Sesame Street. She's just now getting into this show and it brings back so many memories from my childhood.

We had family photos taken and although Cam wasnt real excited to be there, our amazing photographer, Hollie, was able to capture some pretty remarkable shots. Thank you Hollie for sharing your talent and patience with us. Here's to many more memories in the future!

I saw this on FB and it really hit home with me. My mom has said this, pretty much from the beginning of Cameron's existence, and she is spot on. Thanks for being the best mommy and mentor a daughter could ask for. I couldn't do what I do as a wife or mom without her.

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