Monday, August 24, 2015


I may be another year older but I'm certainly not upset about it because life is pretty darn good right now! And I pretty much have the best friends. Ever.

Mandie, Drea, and Kayla all came in from out of town to celebrate and it was a far cry from boring. They showed up bearing gifts and made me feel so special.

My in-laws had the girls so everyone was able to stay at my house, which was perfect. Craig came with Kayla as they were taking Josh back with them after having been in LBB with his mom for the summer, so Brian had a side kick all weekend. We started Friday off at Chimy's where I have yet to consume one of their famous margaritas, which I was not impressed with BTW, but it was still fun none the less. Sis and J, Team Cooper, and Deb all came out and it was such a fun night! Drea hadn't been to the HUB City since 2009 so we had to hit all the hot spots and make her time worthwhile... And well--we did.
We went to Toms Daiquiri Factory then topped the night off with some karaoke at our new fav dive, Skooners. I will spare you all from the videos as it was pretty much a repeat from a few weeks ago when we discovered this joint. We have all grown to realize we have karaoke should any of our day jobs not work out.

Thanks girls. I wanted all the college kids to know I was there. Turning 36. When everyone else is 20. Perfect.

And theeeeeennnn....this happened. Moral of the story?? Do NOT go to bed before everyone else. And hide your undies because ALL of mine were in the freezer. Every.Single.Pair. Classic girls. Classic.

They even got Elmo. I mean really?!?!? Hahaha!!!!!


The morning after. I had to exit all 'Entrapment' style to walk out of this mess alone. A lamp or picture frame was going with me if I didn't. And, don't you worry Brian's boxers were everywhere too. everywhere but the freezer. On the lamp shades, fireplace screen, fridge, grandfather clock, couch name it, a pair of boxers was there. To greet us the next morning. I've never laughed so hard. Turning 36 never felt so '17' in my life. Only my girls....

Meanwhile, back at Mamy and Slicks, the girls were having the best time.

YouTube Video

Saturday was a day of R&R over at my sisters pool with a little shopping thrown in. Pretty much the most perfect weekend ever. Thank you friends for a fantastic birthday. I love you all!!!!!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Possum Kingdom Lake

Oh PK Lake, how I've missed you. It's been about 10 years since I've been on you and my oh my how beautiful you are with all the water!!! Matt and Sarah Pitts asked us to join them for the weekend at Matt's family's lake house and it was absolute perfection. Another couple, Matt and Libby Kolar, were with us Friday night and they're super fun!!

I laughed until I cried and darn near peed my pants. On several occasions. Mr. Pitts is probably one of the most funny, if not THE funniest, person I've ever met. We woke up Saturday morning and he comes out with this visor on. Do you see the iridescent gold?? My goodness, I was dying. It came out of his mother's closet there at the lake house. Epic.

Then, he strolls to the dock in this.

And then proceeds to give Brian this. If you look closely that's a dentist working on a patient --

with Jesus watching. ......... -------

What the what?!?!!

Hilarious!!! Brian about fell out of his chair. Matt said he was on eBay looking for some dental cameras and this beauty came up in his results. Where oh where should we hang this bad boy in his practice?!?!?!?

We had a great day out in the lake

Great minds.....

At dinner Saturday night at The Harbor

Best CFS ever. Seriously. The gravy had so much pepper it had a kick. Wow, so good!!!

And theeeennn..... We hit up Boondocks for a little karaoke and had the privilege of meeting this guy.

Meet Ron. He has the best set of dentures you've ever seen but they don't fit. And every time he spoke or sang they came out. Not even kidding. .....can't make this crap up

I had to bust out a little 'Bobby McGee' for the crowd

Matt and Sarah can dance. Like really dance. I was impressed!

Cheers to another fantastic weekend with Team Pitts. Who never disappoints. Ever.


Friday, August 7, 2015


I texted Belle to see how my fur baby was doing and she responded with the below. My heart is happy.

Hi Lindley! Precious little Nixie is doing great! I've never known a sweeter doggie!! Here's a pic that I hope will make you smile. Hope all is well with you and yours'. 💖


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A full heart

There's nothing better than a good school. My girls ADORE going to school and that makes me so happy. Trinity Christian has been a God send for us and I couldn't be more thankful for His work in allowing us the opportunity to send our girls to daycare here. When we moved to LBB TLC was my first choice but it's waiting list was forever and a day long. So, we went with our second choice. And that was awful. But I called Trinity and they got us in. By the grace of God. And our lives have never been the same. I have no words for how thankful I am for this organization and their staff.

The fall session started this past Monday and Tess moved to a difference room, with a different teacher, after a 14 month stent with Shirley. But, like always, they rise to the occasion and make the most out of tough situations and Tess transitioned beautifully. I'm not gonna lie: I was PETRIFIED. Shirley could be Tess's mom by the way she is with her when I'm not around. She adores her. So, I of course, was extremely leery but all went well and she loves her new teacher, Kassi. Her teacher sent me these photos of her first couple days.

Pretty good first day, if you ask me!!!!

No more high chairs or cribs. I feel like T grows overnight. Seriously.

Adapting quite well. ;)

My BIG girl was ready to go to her new class a week before it was time. She loves her some Miss April and has settled right on in. Cam looks like a little lady here. Blows my mind.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Super Fun Weekend!!!

Friday night we took the girls to Mr. Gatti's Pizza and although it was filthy, disgusting, and completely run-down, these girls knew no different. They had The.Best.Time. And that's all that matters

Saturday, during the day, Tami, Lindsay, my sis, and I hung out by my sisters pool and drank sangria. It was perfect. Tami was in town as its their 20th HS reunion so it was wonderful seeing she and Carlos.

Everyone was kid-less except me but my girls were fantastic. Both napped at my sisters and played extremely together. Sweet sisters.

That night we got a sitter and the 8 of us went to West Table for dinner to celebrate my sis and brother in law's new adventure in Fredericksburg Virginia. It's still very strange for me to even say that but it's happening and I'm happy for them. I will miss them terribly but it's what they want to do. And I'll support them all day long.

Once we got done swimming, Deb had to come over to help me with the girls so I could shower (B was still playing golf) and after she left, I ran into the playroom to see why they were being so quiet and it wasn't because they were in trouble or doing something they shouldn't. They really were just playing. Sweet sweet sight. When I walked in there, T saw my phone and immediately said 'cheeeeese!!' She's a mess.

We had a wonderful night out. The food was exceptional at West Table. I had the deep fried elk with this homemade chive gravy that was off the hook. It came with homemade tater tots AND homemade ketchup!!!


After dinner we decided to hit up a local dive bar across from the TTU campus called Skoonerz for a little karaoke and let me just tell you:

it did NOT disappoint. Oh my gosh, we had the best time!!!!

And, so..... about that night.......
A few are blurry but it'll do. I've always sang Proud Mary alone but never again after Miss Tami Len jumped in and sang a lil harmony with me. Nailed it.

We had a large time, as you can see, and I'm thrilled we were all able to get together to see my sis and her family off in 3 weeks.

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Yesterday my folks came to town for my Dad's 69th bday, that's actually today, and we met over at my sisters' house for 5 Guys Burgers and swimming. It was fun. Happy birthday daddy!!!