Sunday, February 2, 2014

Swimming Lessons with Amber

Ok Amber is seriously the sweetest little Tech student ever and adores Cameron after lesson 1. I'm so glad we decided to do this! Cameron grabbed Ambers hand and marched over to that pool like it was nothing then proceeded to follow instructions, nod her little head and do as she was told, kick her legs, blow bubbles, etc. She was so cute. And grown up. How in the heck did my baby get big enough to attend swimming lessons?!?!? She had a ball and Amber said she did great! Cam cried when it was time to go, she's such a little fish!!

Yesterday we went to Friona to get our King mattress and box springs for our new bed and someone was super excited to see her Mamy and Slick! She cracks me up. ;)

Big thank you to my in-laws for letting us try out this mattress they bought a while back and didn't like. I'm hoping we like it as this will sure be convenient and a lot cheaper than a new mattress!

Thanks Amy and Fred, we greatly appreciate this!!!!

We woke up to snow this am!!! So pretty!!!!!


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