Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Costa Rica Part Uno

My parents, sis and bro-in-law, and Brian and I just spent a week in paradise and I still can't believe it's over :(.

What an incredible trip. We have had this planned for a little over two years now, to celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary, and boy, was it a sweet sweet celebration. Unbelievable. Thanks mom and dad for the trip of a lifetime. One we will cherish forever. These are not near all of our photos, only the ones I took with my phone. My sis is making us a scrap book with everyone's combined photos but for now, I'm just going to use my iPhone pictures. And, I'm breaking the trip up into 2 different posts

Natalia, our greeter at the Costa Rica airport. Mom booked the entire trip through Costa Rican Vacations and they did a phenomenal job.

Our ride to the resort

Oh Costa Rica. My dear heavens. Where do I even begin?!!!?!?
Unbelievable beauty!! We stayed three nights in central Costa Rica by the arenal volcano in a beautiful hotel resort that was literally ALL rainforest. It had two swimming pools, like 10 hot spring pools that were scattered out on the rolling hills of the resort with these little trails in between and hardly any children. Blissful!! It was very secluded and fantastic!

Roses made out of toilet paper on every single toilet in this joint

Meet Theresa. We named her. This beetle lived IN THE LOBBY on this decorative rock thing. All the time. She moves but not fast. And she flies. My Lord, you can shoot me now if I were to be around when she took flight. She.Is.Huge! Probably 5 inches long. But very nice ;). She stays there pretty much all day except when she's hungry which she will fly away for a while, eat, then come back.

The view from my BED!!!! Our rooms were HUGE and lovely! With a hot tub to boot!


Everything was so plush and these hydrangea were something to behold

We ziplined and white water rafted while here at the Arenal Kioro Resort and Spa and Holy Moly, the most fun ever!! And we were HOT in our ziplining gear but those photos are on my sisters camera


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